Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nude Study in Stitch & recylcled art

Couching stitch on tea stained linen

Textile Art From Recycled Materials

Recycled knitted Afghans, acrylic yarn, pom-poms, canvas, grommets

I love the concept of using recycled materials to make art and so I found the work of  Miyoshi Barosh very appealing.

 It almost has that Frank Stella feel to it or Rauchenburg, who was known for using recycled materials in his combines.

 I found this gorgeous turqoise fabric in the free box next to the emporium underdog cafe so maybe I should stick it on the studio wall and start embellishing it.

art for housewives,and don't let the title fool you, the range of recycled art is amazing and one of my all time fave blogs on the net.

Landfill Project
if you're interested in participating here is the application page.

Here is my contribution

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Bill Evertson said...

Really love the simple lines of that nude study! Sometimes less IS more.