Friday, April 02, 2010

Fiber Arts

'seed of torments"
embroidery on muslin

Pretty much done on this one. Needs a wee bit more stretching, the bone added and that's it before framing. It's funny how the filled in boxes on the right of the skeleton look like another human form (not intentional). I really like the loose drawing effect for the cross.

Traded Karen aka Jafalass for the FAB quilt she made. She chose the ugly doll.

Talking about quilts

Not sure why the story tickled me, but I guess it's because he is someone bucking the stereotypes and just doing what makes him happy.

Much thanks to Kitch in the Kitchen for my award, I am honored.


Leanne Pizio said...

Amazing stitching you are doing Corrine. Love this so much. Wish I could see it in person.

lesly said...

You are so amazingly imaginative and original Jafabrit ... your work stuns me because you are following a road that I just cannot see!

andrea said...

LOVE Seed of Torments!