The Urge Overwhelmed Me

I had to draw and then paint.
work in progress

Originally I planned a couple months ago to paint a dog on an orange background on canvas. I painted the canvas a yummy orange and there is sat in my studio for two months. Yesterday I had an urge to draw so I painted over the canvas in white and cream acrylic. It is wonderful to just draw on it with charcoal and wipe off with a soft cloth. So I played around with that for a while. Out of that is growing a painting. Some of you may recognize the eye. For some reason I just wanted to put it on the neck. Perhaps deep in my mind is the thought of how one gets a lump in their throat when they see loved one's hurt?

It Vexeth Me
like gnats on an summer evening when others decide what the driving force is behind my creative need. In answer to a recent comment. No, I don't use art to cope, nor is it therapy of some kind (even if I do work that addresses issues I have experienced).
Sometimes there just isn't an agenda beyond the desire to use one' s hands in creative pursuits, or to use art the way you use your mouth to talk about things that interest you.

Art Muse Rules
I'm at it's mercy!


What would I do if I did not create?
Bill Evertson said…
Is it so obvious that we artists are so weird that what we produce must be a coping mechanism for a deeply rooted disorder?
JafaBrit's Art said…
ere, wot you mean weird, just because I have a skeleton sitting on the stairs wearing a purple wig, and buy prosthetic eyeballs off ebay doesn't mean I am weird, humph! And you, you are obsessed with hands, why? why! whY?
JafaBrit's Art said…
I can't imagine that Judith, I just don't see it. You not create!!!!
Jessica Torrant said…
Awesome. It's obviously saying that you are a Pisces with dependancy issues and you are afraid of cheese? Right? I'm right aren't I. ;)
JafaBrit's Art said…
I LOVE cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese! LOTS of cheese, so there.
However I do have a fear of hulls of ships, ugh, I get the shivers just writing it.
Jessica Torrant said…
Did I say cheese? I meant to say hulls. Silly typo.
JafaBrit's Art said…
liar liar pants on fire! I don't believe you, can't be true, you knew, you were just fu*(&ing with my brain. arg!
Erika Lee Sears said…
Wow very powerful peice. It's amazing when art just has to happen :)
Anonymous said…
SURE we are compulsive....compelled to create!
SURE we use it to 'cope' some people EAT or DRINK or WATCH SPORTS or READ ROMANCE NOVELS or BEAT THE DOG (or worse, their wife or kids) or JOIN A CULT....

Just sayin....could be worse. :-)

JafaBrit's Art said…
I use crossword puzzles, online games, food to cope :) When stressed I like a lovely big curry and watch a real oldie on telly.