Saturday, January 30, 2010

It Starts with a Picture

and pictures always tell a story
Here is a wonderful journey called The Story Beyond the Still
A competition by Canon "to interpret what story
lives beyond this still and to tell that story with the new Canon EOS 7D. Vincent Laforet's "The Cabbie" will be the first chapter of seven, each ending with a still photograph for the next aspiring filmmaker to interpret. Posing the question to everyone, what do you see beyond the still?"

The Story Beyond The Still: The Cabbie from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

It's always fascinating how people bring their own interpretation to an image, to a painting.
Meanwhile Jafabrit is still AT it with needle and thread
I finished doing the arms and decided to do long and short for the arms and satin stitch for the fingers. I thought it might look odd but I am okay with it. I like how the fag turned out and used french knots for the ash.
Still figuring out how to do the hair.


Anonymous said...

this pieces of yours is amazing and your blog is fabulous!! thanks so much for dropping by and letting me know about the link with Mr Xstitch

Leanne Pizio said...

Love this piece Jafa! Wonderful work. You are truly amazing. I have missed coming around. Can't wait to see what's next.

louciao said...

I like how the satin stitch on the fingers makes them look quite plump, while the short & long on the arms gives the impression of the texture of fine hairs. Such a faboulous piece!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Thanks all :) I really struggled with doing the arms and face, never having done flesh in stitch before. I am enjoying the continued challenge of figuring out how to translate things into stitch though, even if I do want to pull my hair at times.