Monday, December 07, 2009

Home Made Holiday Cards

This year I used my cheeky winter penguin photo

Xenia Ave, Yellow Springs, Ohio

still have a few of these I made last year

I seemed to go mad making all the felt birdies last Christmas.
They were fun though. I took a photo of a bird then used adobe to get the look above.


Debrina said...

Ayyyeeee but isn't the festive season fun?! I'm about to make some cards meself! Merry Xmas Corrine!

moreidlethoughts said...

Second attempt! I hit the publish button and Wordpress said I had to sign in! If you get this twice...not my fault!
I'd somehow lwt you slip, but saw you over at Ryan Wolf's blog and thought: Eee! Ah'd best get over an' say Happy Wotever to me Geordie marrer."
Yeah! I'm still around, but blogging less as I'm up to my oxters in artwork. Can't be all bad, eh!
If I don't get back...have a good one, Corrine.!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Happy Holidays and card making Debrina, I have a feeling yours will have that WOW factor.

oooooh lovely to see you moreidlethoughts and I enjoyed your blog entry. so true. and the link to the very inspiring aimee mullins video.