Monday, September 28, 2009

The Intrigues of an Artist

"Cage believed that for artists of his and Rauschenberg's temperament it was necessary to develop an inner toughness and an almost total indifference to the opinions of others-not an angry, go-to-hell indifference but a firm conviction that the opinions of others were their affair rather than yours" page 66 2nd paragraph Off the Wall

I am really enjoying this book and some of the reminders I'm getting from it. One in particular is that a piece can take a long time to develop, not just in the mind but in its execution. So often we fall prey to the idea we must produce something all the time, and yet I read of so many artists whose artwork can takes weeks, months or years.
I am also reminded of why I like Rauschenberg's work. It it that bringing together of various elements and making it into a whole that intrigues me.

Odalisk by Rauschenberg
watercolour, crayon, photographs, newspaper, dried grass, metal, glass, oil paint, pastel, fabric, printed reproductions, wooden post and lamps, castors, stuffed rooster, pillow, steel wool
Image Source at About.Com

Perhaps that is why knit graffiti appeals to me, not just the knitting or crochet, but seeing it out of context and part of a new whole.
vinyl, sprayed lace, reverse painting on plastic, oil paint on canvas, glass beads, 
handmade turkish beads, and metal heart earing, charms.

I dismantled this peice several years ago (wishing I hadn't now) because now I like it. Not in the same vein as Rauschenberg of course, but there is that mix of elements. It seems a precurser to my current need to integrate textile and paint.

Happy Monday Everyone


Leanne Pizio said...

I have to read this book! I will look for it soon.
You always have posts that make one stretch. Keep on!

Lady P said...

i am in love with the art and idea of collage and that maybe, we are incubating works big and small within us
i have hopes that that which is stewing within me will erupt and bring me solace for having come to birth