Friday, September 04, 2009

Contemporary Embroidery & Experiments

"Naked in the Garden" by ©Gavin Fry
Photo used with  permission

Gavin Fry describes himself as a "sunday embroiderer" lol, and boy he sure uses that day well. What I like about this work is the mixture of modern and traditional, the foreshortened figure (which is always a drawing challenge),the beautiful border, the colour of the fabric and of course the stitchwork.


hand dyed muslin with acrylic paint, floss, photograph and beads.

Thought I would experiment integrating a photograph of one of my paintings (operation candyman) into an embroidery piece. I thought about printing it on the fabric, or using a photo transfer but somehow I wanted the actual photograph . They are very clever at making people see what they want to see, BUT how on earth did Garrido, with a brutal history, manage to fool the parole board into releasing him after 10 years of serving a 50 year sentence? "They just didn't view Mr. Garrido as that serious a threat, because he had been on parole a long time," Simon said. "He was living with his wife, he was fully employed." WHAT!. Anyone who has spent time learning about sexual predators knows what their modus operandi is, knows the recidvism rates, knows that therapy hasn't proven to be effective.
Being on parole a long time, living with a wife, being fully employed is NOT proof of anything.


Bill Evertson said...

Most excellent!! Interesting departures from the original painting that give us more to sink our teeth into.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Thanks Bill, I have always wanted to incorporate text into my painting work but never managed it the way I wanted. Somehow I can with embroidery and I like it.

shana goetsch said...

i like the imagery of this one and the subtle colors in/on him.
and i love the idea of stitching into canvas...i saw an exhibit with two collaborative artists (husband and wife) and some of the pieces were paintings and weavings together. i had never seen anything like that before...
if only i oil painted, ever, anymore.
text is very hard to incorporate effectively, indeed.

Tracy said...

Outstanding! Please send photo cred my way-- I'd love to post this!

Thanks for great stream of creativity I can always count on when I visit your site! True talent..

Lana Gramlich said...

Love the recent works. Foreshortening & I are uncomfortable bedfellows, at best. You've done a great job in that top piece! As for the parolee, I hear you. If it were up to me, the "justice system" would see much more true justice. <:(

deb said...

I am really enjoying this embroidered series, absolutely fab!