Tuesday, August 04, 2009


embroidery floss on muslin
couching stitch

She doesn't need arms or legs, she doesn't need a brain, nope all she needs are boobs. A walking waddling boob. She was a doodle in my sketchbook and borne out of a response to a story about a boob job gone wrong. What is with this obsessive need to have giant static grapefruit sized boobies in the usa. Woman reduced to nothing more than a giant chest walking down the street. No grand goals in life like wanting to be a doctor, a nurse, a mother, an artist, a teacher, or enriched with intellect, no it's to have HUMONGOUS titties.

sketchbook doodle

I had an acquaintance tell me she saw some lovely landscape embroidery in a British mag and would I like it, then she corrected herself and said " well it's too pretty for you probably".
I smiled and said, "I do pretty too you know".
I wish people would get past this idea that I only focus on dark subjects, just even a cursory look at my portfolio shows I express a range of subjects.
As I told another acquaintance, I don't sit and think about what I should and shouldn't do.
Most of the time my work is a visual response to something I have heard, or seen or felt.
Simple as that


R.E. Wolf said...

The last time my mother commented on my artwork was to say "It's wonderful, but why can't you draw something pretty?" **eyeroll** I replied that "I can. I just draw what I want to draw."

Bill Evertson said...

You mean you haven't been doing pretty all along? Oops, let me screw my head on better.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Wolf, Bill, you can't win eh, lol!

Ingrid said...

Wow those were crazy cool! I wish I could draw like that :| but I'm the worst drawer on the face of this planet. I even have trouble in doodling the simplest things..

oh well, .. it was just not given to me (the ability to draw)

But you keep it up ,

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I like "the landscape" but I have no inclination to paint one. I have outrageously strong views on some things, but manage expression better in words. When I draw bones or weird faces it's because I want to. For me. For fun.
As for your Silicon Sal...silly cow!

Colette Amelia said...

boobs...I wonder how many of them that paid for an achin back and shoulders, clothes that don't fit good, and gaining a shelf for food to fall on still think it was a good idea after some time passes?

Oh well what is more troubling is that we become such limited beings to others with how we look, what art we do or don't, what we read, our jobs...

to be such simple creatures as what some people think we are...hmm maybe that would be good...our brains and our bodies wouldn't be so tired!

deb said...

Firstly LOVE IT!! and my husband always says why can't you make something small... like I can control how big stuff makes itself when it manifests!

Undaunted said...

I LOVE how you convert your sketches into embroidery! It really works!

This piece is great! Who decides what's pretty anyway?

Lana Gramlich said...

I hear you on both of these points (pardon the pun); the societal worship of tits AND the being mis-pigeon-holed. I remember at a market once, after looking over the wide variety of paintings (styles & subjects) I'd brought, one man virtually spat at me that I was schizophrenic before leaving my booth as though I had the plague.
...and here I thought imagination & creativity were GOOD things for an artist!

JafaBrit's Art said...

How odd Lana, but it sorts speaks more about him doesn't it, very black and white and everything in the lines eh!

Ingrid, thanks for dropping by :)

I am with you moreidle, I love landscapes too but I am rarely inclined to paint or embroidery one. But I can enjoy them and learn from them.

Colette, looks have always been important, sometimes to the point of absurdity, but this plastic tittie look and baldy nether regions takes the cake.

Deb, I wish I could do BIG work, but I am not directed that way, and so I don't fight it. I think what makes work unique is that you do what feels right :)

JafaBrit's Art said...

Undaunted, I am really enjoying the challenge of translating images into embroidery :)

Peggradyart said...

I think if you do any work that isn't "pretty" but is thought provoking or dark or even if you do work that has an oddball sense of humor, you are immediately pegged as an "unpretty" artist. Actually, that's just fine with me, if pretty is defined as easy to look at, I don't want my work to be pretty.

JafaBrit's Art said...

hiay Peg, thanks for dropping by. I find it irritating to be pegged based on so little information. In fact I don't feel I can be pegged, which is my point :) My work expresses how I feel and how I feel runs the gamut.