Handy Maid

Olga Ziemska and Jen, her trusty assistant troublemaker, made a plaster cast of my hands for her new sculpture for Yellow Springs. To see one of her hand/birch sculpture pieces (which is fabulous) check out Virgils blog.

photo by Virgil Hervey
Yea, okay, not the most flattering pic, but err, I was having a moment.

Thou Doth Protest
"Get Knitted" protests with Knit Graffiti: Cambridge News

The Last Knit
When knitting becomes an obsession. Directed by Laura Neuvonen

Funny Pics
Now that is getting knotted

Judith at Heartsong sent me this pic of a real knot tree lol!


Bill Evertson said…
You have a hand in everything it seems. The Last Knit is hilarious; I've shared that one many times; I love it!
JafaBrit's Art said…
"you have a hand in everything it seems"

yes it's quite a handful really. :)
Lady P said…
oh you are just the place i needed to come this morning and lift my spirits
i love the birch tree with hands atop and the video, well, brilliant
Susie Q said…
Thank you for lifting my sagging spirits tonight! It is all so wonderful...as a visit to you here always is.