Culture Watch: Strange Shoes and Isaiah Zagar

Saw these Bob Basset "leather paw shoes"
in a New York Times Remix Article by Lynn Phillips
and couldn't stop laughing, I love them.

Isaiah Zagar
HBO2 Monday is presenting a documentary about this artist whose work covers buildings in Philadelphia called "In a Dream" by his son Jeremiah. If anyone watches it let me know what you think. We don't have HBO :( and this looks like it will interesting BUT woo hoo! They say it can be ordered on Netflix, YES!!!

IN A DREAM: Theatrical Trailer from Herzliya Films on Vimeo.
Meanwhile back in Jafabrit's Studio
My newest embroidery is coming alongHappy Monday Everyone


Janvangogh said…
Those paw shoes are great.
deb said…
OMG I just love how that embroidery is coming along!! stunning!
Lana Gramlich said…
My husband would LOVE those shoes (& they would suit him well, too! *LOL*)
Lady P said…
oh those paw shoes are just rockin my world, and your embroidery from your sketches is just gobsmacking wonderful
intense work
Oh man, he's been my favorite mosaic artist for a while now. And I don't get HBO either. Sniffles.