Psychedelic Light Show & Art


People often ask what inspires an artist and I would have to say for me EVERYTHING, even a light show on Fremont Steet in Las Vegas. I love the colours and the abstract swirling patterns, the pounding music. Somehow all the experiences absorb into the unconscous and sneak out into my art one way or another.


Anna Sellers said…
Love it! I love how you have pulled the excitement into your art. Fremont Street is a great experience.
Bill Evertson said…
Love your combination of paint and thread:)
Lana Gramlich said…
Very cool. Thanks for the light show, too. Sometimes I think I have a kid's eyes, I'm so drawn to bright, shiny things! *LOL*
I like this! Dazzling vivid colors in vibrant motion.
The Lone Beader said…
I need to go to Vegas someday. That looks cool, but I can do without the music. It would be much better playing the Beatles Yellow Submarine! LOL
JafaBrit's Art said…
Lone Beader, I found Vegas to be weirdly compelling from a cultural point of view, so American. The casino carpets are HORRIBLE by the way.

Hiah Anna, I remember that part of town being the main drag back in 78, and it looks as seedy as ever LOL! but what a brilliant idea to put that laser show roof on Fremont Street.

Lana, I am too, I love bling.
JafaBrit's Art said…
thaks Bill, Nothing Profound :)

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