Friday, May 01, 2009

It's a Process

The baby and fern are embroidered onto the linen, but the rabbit and text are adobe overlay image over the photo of the linen piece (will copy onto the linen to embroidery next.)
By the way that cute little baby is me :) wasn't I adorable, uh huh!

I can see this process (even in just playing) is going to be very slow compared to painting and assemblage. I do a little bit, then figure out what to add next. I don't think it will have the looseness like Tilleke's work, but it is a whole new approach for me. Apart from enjoying the challenge, I am enjoying the meditative quality of doing embroidery by hand.

Unfinished Projects
I went through my old embroidery box and wow,! I don't even want to tell you how many unfinished crossstitch and embroidery samplers I had in there from 25 years ago. This one did get finished and was a reproduction antique dutch sampler kit I got in Snider Plaza, Dallas. When the kids were little I just couldn't do my embroidery or quilting anymore, so I put it all aside until they got older. Well here I am 25 years later LOL!

Here is a HUGE selection of Samplers from a company that supplies authentic reproduction kits at Antique Essamplaire.
Did you know the Swiss Post issued the first embroidered stamp in the world.
this has nothing to do with art
everything in life affects my art somehow
Info on Menopause
Itchy Boob syndrome
thanks colette I thought it was just cracker crumbs down my bra


deb said...

this is looking totally gorgeous, I love it, love it and am waiting for the next update! I love to embroider and sew, and have just cleaned out my unfinished samplers et al, to make room for things I might want to finish sometime, I also discovered some samplers made for my babies, i should probably frame those! Great work as always!

Lady P said...

I have been spending the last 7 months off work and setting up my first work space that was "official" and not in the kitchen (which i kinda miss) and I am finding old projects that never got finished and finishing some and you know the process - how cool that you are going back to this form of artwork - and I love being introduced to Tilleke's work and website - thanx!

Linda Moran said...

I know what you mean about unfinished embroidery! I have slowly weeded out unfinished cross stitch and patterns - but with the last move, I discovered some half-finished pieces that are still gorgeous, but nothing I will ever finish!