Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Guerrilla Art:Okay I admit it

Okay I Admit it
LOL! I am a guerrilla artist at heart
Thanks for the shout out Modern Living Cyber Cafe and the Creative Perch
I guess I didn't really think of my blog as a Guerrilla Art blog per se, but I suppose since my blog is a reflection of me and me likes it, the concept of it, and doing it it is a case of the "if the shoe fits."
I thought I would make a slide show and well, ahem I didn't realize just how much I had done.

One of my favourite places to visit is the Wooster Collective which showcases street art from around the world. It is not only inspiring but eyeopening to explore how artists around the world create within their given environments and the way others interact with it.

I am one year older
It's my Birthday
I am having Ha Ha Pizza tonight


Marcia said...

Happy Birthday, Girl!

How much delight you've surely distributed to the world via your guerrilla pieces. May you make many more!

thought you might like this:

JafaBrit's Art said...

thanks for the link Marcia, what fun wonderful work.
thanks for the birthday wishes.

Bill Evertson said...

iiiii - Some candles for your cake :) Congrats on the links to guerrilla art. I live in mortal fear that I may be lumped in with those elephants that make art ;)

Janvangogh said...

Happy Happy Birthday.

Ralph Ivy said...

Happy Birthday!

How old are you now? Feisty teen?

Actually (ahem...) The calender only marks one aspect of age. Actually there are 5 factors: calender age, physical age, mental age, emotional age, and, finally, fantasy age.

For example:

My calender age: 70
" physical age: 70
" mental age: 20 (I think like a recent graduate of high school - charm the ladies, know it all, take on the world.)
My emotional age: 15 (well...nervous actually, not sure how to ask for a date...do people actually die...?)
My fantasy age: 35. Yep. 35

So...add 'em all together, comes to 210, divide by 5, and - BINGO - my TRUE age is: 42!

Not bad. I can deal with that.

Enjoy your art, your words, your site.

San said...

Happy Birthday, Guerrilla Girl!

You have done A LOT of street art. You have the knack for giving generously of your talent.

Pizza. YUM.

Colette Amelia said...

Hey I had a reminder that it was your birthday on my home page and then I forgot to look at it and then I forgot what day it was!

Happy birthday to you!

Eat drink and be merry!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Hum, I don't think that is going to happen Bill :)

How old am I Ivy, well let's put it this way. I was once a slip of a girl, now I am a ship of a girl, middle age has caught up with me wink! wink!

I like your formula for your real age and thanks for dropping by and the comments.

thanks for the birthday wishes everyone, and gosh I ate toooooooo much, but it was FUN!

Cat-in-a-Box said...


Teresa said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday a bit late.

PS I'm always glad to give you girls a shout out. You are such an inspiration for me with regards to art and blogging.