Saturday, April 11, 2009

graffiti alley ann arbor

Graffiti Alley March 17th, 2009
I find it very difficult to create a chaos of colour, shapes and text on paintings (and embroidery) so I always enjoy it when I see it, if not on a canvas, then on a wall somewhere. Creatively I always seem to veer away from colour yet I LOVE it.
Here is another view and of course I had to leave one of my stickers.

I didn't notice where I was putting my sticker until I stepped back and noticed the penis LOL!

Memo to self on Dinner Guest from Hell Embroidery 
don't take penis embroidery to a christian based craft store and try and sneak it out to find a frame, ahem!
It isn't quite finished though, I need to add a couple more things.
I found a scottish proverb to stitch onto my embroidery piece about the dinner guest from hell.
"A cock is valiant on his own dunghill"

Which means one can wallow and crow in their own poo in their own home to their hearts content, but outside they will be immediately deemed a person full of it and a right dickhead.


Bill Evertson said...

You'll have to remind us of which dickhead you are immortalizing - There have been a few ;)

JafaBrit's Art said...

He was a dinner guest at a dear friends and he was incredibly rude, actually beyond just rude, to the point that for the first time in our lives we walked out.

Undaunted said...

Oh my! Your poor friend! How embarrassing that must have been for... well, everyone really, except the Cock probably. I love the Scottish proverb! I look forward to seeing the embroidered piece.

Hehehe, first the sticker, then the christian craft store... sounds like you've been making a lot of cock ups lately! Excuse the pun! *blushes* Oh Jafa, you are such a bad influence on me!

Bill Evertson said...

I hope he gets a chance to see your finished piece!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Undaunted, I don't think the ceramic buttons could be put in a washer and dryer, more for decorative purposes.

We left with a health excuse but we all knew really and yes she was quite distressed about it. He was rude to everyone including her. and yes I liked the puns LOL!

Bill I intend to make a card out of it since the actual piece isn't going to be displayed in Ohio.

Sheree Rensel said...

This is so bizarre. I was here early this morning and I was about to leave a comment and got distracted. It doesn't take much these days! LOL

Anyway, I was thinking about the sticker on the dick coincidence. Ahhhh. That is a stretch (pun intended!) LOL LOL I mean you didn't mean to put a head on a head? What a lucky shot!!! LOL LOL
I LOVE the quote too! I could have used that many times in my life. I have known many dickheads! LOL LOL

JafaBrit's Art said...

Hiay Sheree, sadly we are often exposed to these types and generally my life is free of them, but once in a while a really doozy comes along. I pity those that have to put up with them in the workplace.

joseph's art and stuff said...

i've visited before, but this time thought i'd leave a message, love your humor, and art. saw/see that you particpated in the latest sketchbook project, love the cover of your book! this sticker placement is spot on, and i too love seeing graffiti that is done well. penis embroidery? embroidery of one, on one or with one (needle dick)? i'll visit again. keep on keepin' on!

Lana Gramlich said...

That saying's the truth, alright!
*LOL @ the sticker!*
I, too, admire chaotic color jumbles, yet seem unable to produce them effectively on my own. Perhaps a hit of acid's in order. *LOL*

JafaBrit's Art said...

the only thing acid would do is make me throw up lol! but hey vomit painting might be the next biggest thing. We've got the poo, the pee paintings, and blood sculpture, so why not vomit eh!

Kirsten Ashley said...

That cock looks like it has roid rage.

James w said...

What an awesome place! and nice work making the rudeness decent, there could be kids about.