Monday, March 09, 2009

Why Art became Ugly

This writer has a theory and he makes some great points.
I read all the ism's and theories, I get it but I don't create with a thought about theories, truths, shocking , or making ugly images on purpose, etc.
Somebody on another blog made the statement
"Artists on the other hand think their plight is due to an uneducated public."
Maybe some do, but isn't that sort of buying into the theories of others who make such claims on behalf of artists? I don't feel it is my job to educate the public about what they should like or not when it comes to art.
When I run out of turps in the studio and don't have milk for my tea
and I can't get them due to being snowed in.
That is a PLIGHT!

So meanwhile back at the Studio
I made UGLY artcropped version of"Now-ism"
a belief that what exists now within one's one sphere of experience is the norm with no understanding of global relevance or history and the context of the present in relation to that.

I was exploring the issue of shaving when I found a number of comments relating to the current fad of waxing or shaving off pubic hair. The vehement remarks against having pubic hair was astonishing. There was seemingly little realization that their norm is not universal, but a cyclic fad, a contrived norm to fit a model of what a body is "supposed" to look like.
I am not saying right or wrong.
To have preferences is one thing, but to have such revulsion/body hatred embedded into one's psyche against a normal feature of one's body seems perverted and wrong.

Which brings me to a new book called "Bodies". I read an interview of Susie Orbach and I was like "yep! yep! uh huh! "Orbach is good at ferreting out facts to support her findings from the therapy couch. Put together, they create a picture of the human race starving, waxing, slicing and exercising into a state of madness. "

Historic Notes

Why Women Shave Their Legs and Underarms -
"It all began with the May, 1915 edition of Harper's Bazaar magazine that featured a model sporting the latest fashion. She wore a sleeveless evening gown that exposed, for the first time in fashion, her bare shoulders, and her armpits."
Check out this time line on the history of shaving on this website , kind of interesting to see how the norm changes according to fashion, circumstances, corporate interests, and as a means to distinguish class differences.

NOTE on Embroidery Piece
Hand tinted felt, black floss, recycled/repurposed wig hair (specifically wanted to use FAKE hair).


Michelle (artscapes) said...

A lot of things here that are related in a rather frightening way... Great post!

Undaunted said...

You have the most bizarre but interesting links Jafabrit!

Lady P said...

Wow - love the links you have in this poating - read them all!!