Thursday, January 22, 2009

the language of trees


Little did I know when I was doing a page in the sketchbook of my dear friend and fellow Jafapal, Nancy, that growing up her families nickname for her was "tree".
Guess what my nickname was growing up, spuggy (as in sparrow, you know those little dickie birds that sit and nest in trees). Hum I just had visions of me sitting on Nancy, not sure she would like that LOL!
No wonder we had such an affinity for the knit knot tree

So I wrote her name (well tried) in the Ogham Tree alphabet.
Sacred Trees
Language of Trees

What Tree did YOU fall from?
Hum not sure if I agree with the assessment of being a Walnut Tree except the passion part


cynthia said...

That is a bit of synchronicity about you and Nancy's nicknames as children! Love the sketch book drawing too.

I am apparently a lime tree and while some of it is true, much of it isn't...but it's still fun to look.

Undaunted said...

Ha! The description of me couldn't be further from the truth! Who makes these things up?

Another great page anyway :)

JafaBrit's Art said...

undaunted I believe you, it said about me:"no flexibility, difficult and uncommon partner" well my husband can answer the difficult part, but NO FLEXIBILITY. Why I can touch my toes, so there.

I think so cyn, that is why we get along so well perhaps.

Colette Amelia said...

this was too fun. I love the page. Isn't fab to have a good friend?

I am a lime tree...and I am taking all the description in a good way because a lime is like a lemon so I am making limade.

the inventor of this was an dumb bastard...not that I am bitter!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Oh Colette, you are too funny, but you know I love limeade, it is refreshing like you :)

ApOgEE said...

How could you understand the language of trees?...

;D Nice drawing!!

Shea said...

Makes me think of this movie, have you seen it yet? The Happening.
I loved it.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Having spend some time studying ogham back when all I ever painted was trees, I always wonder where they come up with this. It's even more inventive than Graves...!

I love your sketchbook!