Sunday, December 21, 2008

She wore BIG knickers

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Sketchbook Project Page

I thought they were scary
one night I had to sleep in her bed
and I saw her wearing them
that was REALLY scary

Who Knew I would become a member of the

Odd stories in the News
Row over big KNICKERS
A FAMILY'S home was saved – by a pair of knickers.

Some fun sites to Visit
Yarn bombing which always has some of the coolest knit graffiti on it

I have a new link for a really cool video tutorial search engine called
Wonder How To
"WonderHowTo hand-selects and curates the best free instructional videos from over 1,700 websites."

Wonderful Wacky Food and Bento Art by Sakurako Kitsa at Flickr
I am happy to say Sakurako has agreed to exhibit in the art space that I help run for the Yellow Springs Arts Council.


Heather said...

Those kickers are nothig!I had to wear kinckers that covered my feet, my hands and left only a small hole to breath through...I'd count yourself lucky my friend! OOOhhh, the night mares about the kickers...aaaarrrggghhhh! Thanks, I've not had enough coffee for evil knickers yet, and now I have the willies too. :)

Claire said...

I have been loving the Sketchbook project so far :)

I have not succumbed to big knicker curse yet, lol!

Virgil Hervey said...

Oh, this is fun. But it might be more than I need to know. Ha!

Shupe said...

Big Knickers come to those who wait!

my 7 yr old daughter complains she has on grandma panties already-
scary eh?

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

OMG - that knitted bus on Yarn Bombing is incredible!!!!

Merry Christmas Corrine & Esqueleta! xoxo

JafaBrit's Art said...

oh dear, heather yours sounds awful LOL!

Claire you are lucky. I was such a skinny little thing and well, I really don't know what happened, ahem! Glad you are liking the Sketchbook project so far.

ROFLOL! hum so that is what gets you to comment Virgil, BIG knickers eh!

Hiay Shupe, thanks for dropping in. My, your daughter is starting young lol!

I know, I want one of those buses olga. Hope you have a bralliant christmas, you suit the hat :)

Undaunted said...

Wow, that bus really is amazing!

Love the big knicker tales, including your own! No wonder that woman with the house fire wears big knickers if she goes out for 5 course meals!!

JafaBrit's Art said...

my god undaunted, five courses. I can't manage more than the main course nowadays. I might share a dessert, but that's not always in the cards.

Lynette said...

Haaa Corinne, I love it! You made me smile today and the Big Knickers Club sounds soo fun. Hey, it's snowing on your blog page! I just wanted to wish you and the family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Susie Q said...

Yikes! How did you get my knickers? Has Bill been selling them on ebay? is a puzzle. Wait a tic...those are not mine! Mone are bigger! *whew* that is a relief!