Thursday, November 13, 2008

GreenArt Fair Miami 08

As some of you may remember I submitted the above can to Painting Cans, an open collaborative project created by the Confusion Group.
Painting Cans was invited to take part in the "Green Art Fair Miami 08" with the support of Irreversible Magazine. So I am happy to announce that my can was selected for the exhibit, yea!!!!!!!!!

And talking of exhibits
I will have 12 painted cans in the
"12 pack show"at the Nolaa Gallery, Kings Yard, Yellow Springs
Opening Reception Friday, November 21st at 6pm
libations will be offered along with nuts (real one's, not the jafagirls).

I swear you will NOT look like this if you come to the reception and buy one of our cans
No, you will look sweetly happy like the can below for getting free drinks, nosh, supporting recycling and getting a piece of original art for $25.
What a Bargain!


Undaunted said...

Hubby and I have just been talking about your crushed cans - I was telling him about the lady who complained that $25 was too much for a crushed can with a face painted on it. He said "What?" meaning he too thought it was too much, so I said "Hang on, you haven't seen the paintings yet" I turned my laptop round to show him your crushed can art and he said "Oh, that's different then" (he was impressed!) Hehehe, I suppose you had to be there, but he thought it was literally a face like this :-) on a bare can! Lol. I suppose that would be a bit much!

I think your cans are great and definitely a bargain. Congratulations on having one accepted for the exhibition!

austin of sundrip said...

Oh my goodness, the second can is stunning. I LOVE that!. I really like flowers in art but I also like faces. If you put them together I simply go mad. This is really cool. Congrats on the showing.


The Governess said...

My goodness what a fantastic idea!!! I'm looking for a good can... now...

Heather said...

First congrat's! second, if you need anything with paypal let me know, I can help. Third, I hope you sell out! Those cans are way too rock.
Have a great day!

JafaBrit's Art said...

undaunted I can understand your husbands reaction, but seeing is believing right :) Glad he liked them. I did think I might do something very modernist and just do a study of black on black, but somehow I don't think it would sell hee! hee!

thanks for dropping by austin. I am glad you like the second one. I had trouble liking it, but I am getting used to it.

Hiay governess, so glad you popped by.If you go to google and put in crushed can painting you will see several groups/people doing them (all so different). They are fun to see.

Heather, thanks so much :)

Philip said...

How about doing some of Andy Warhol's face on squashed soup cans? Campbell's may even but some of you add their logo!! These are hard times and the advertising might just help.

JafaBrit's Art said...

ROFLOL philip, that is hilarious! I might just have to do that.

Judith HeartSong said...

Oh congratulations!!! Eventually I want to commission a can art from you... I think they are so cool!

Carol Cooper said...

I have never seen crushed can paintings before, very cool!!

Light and Voices said...

Totally kewel!!!!! I have NEVER seen anyone paint faces on cans. Congratulations on being selected in the exhibition.

self taught artist said...

CONGRATS!!! and i'm NOT surprised. I've often looked at all the cans on that site and yours (which I forgot you did) always popped out as one of the top two or three.

Gesa said...

Oh, that's great news, jafabrit! Good choice of them. I like the cans a lot - in particular the less friendly ones ;)
Hm... just a thought, but if you ever fancied a swap of a can for a monotype or landscapey pastel... just gie's a shout, but of course I won't mind if you don't :)

Maximus Enchaladis Burritois said...

This are is so really awesome stuff! when i heard "paintings on crushed cans" i laughed. but this stuff is no joke!

belinha said...

Great stuff!Cans!I would never guess!