Crushed Can Art: A right pair

I will be selling these as a pair at the "12 pack show"at the Nolaa Gallery, Kings Yard, Yellow Springs
Opening Reception Friday, November 21st at 6pm
libations will be offered along with nuts (real one's, not the jafagirls)


Undaunted said…
I think this pair have real personality! They remind me of George and Mildred!!
painter girl said…
These guys are great. And even though they are crushed, they seem to be a happy couple. Love the teeth and the mustache. I so wish I could be at the 12 pack show.
Shez said…
Hi there Corrine, haven't been here for a while, was wondering how you were. These are great pieces of art. Love your cans. See you are still working your different projects, and adding more as you go. Girl, when do you relax??? LOL Nice to see your muse is still working for you.
Take care......
These two are match made in . . . well, somewhere! More proof that there really is somebody for everybody!
I like the eyes on the cans!!! What a pair showing their teeth and the mustache.
Fantastic comapsrison. Keep it up.

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Philip said…
Good portraits!
painter girl said…
Hey Corrinne,
My server failed yesterday afternoon and I lost all my kept email. So I sent you an email on your yahoo account. Just wanted to let you know that I wrote you in another place. Sorry for the confusion.
Claire said…
Another thing I love of yours, it reminds me of the mum and dad.
JafaBrit's Art said…
She is either a midred or a Dierdre ( a sorry woman I once knew) undaunted lol!

I am not sure whether they are happy in their misery or not LOL Painter Girl.

hay shez, nice to see you. when do I relax, actually I am sort of today until the reception tonight :) I plan to sit an watch a movie and sew felt birds for ME. I bought a white tree for the den.

true!true! w.j. now I wonder if some lovely couple will buy them tonight.

I like the male can better Joyce, Phillip, but I like her teeth.
Undaunted said…
For reference:

George and Mildred

Spitting image!! Hehehe!
JafaBrit's Art said…
OMG LOL! undataunted you are right, that IS George and Mildred.
Lola said…
thanks.. 8), i love these works, really great color and expression.
shopping cart said…
They both are looking brother and sister. Is it so? Nice to share.
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Fakhruddin40 said…
These pictures can also looked funny. Nice painting.

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