Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boo: The old and the new

I don't have a particular attachment to All Hallows Eve or Halloween . When I was growing up in England it wasn't celebrated in the way it is in the US. I don't' remember it being a commercial holiday, no trick or treating (that is an American tradition brought by Irish immigrants) and no pumpkins. I don't think my family encouraged participation either (guy fawkes night was more favoured and enjoyed) We did carve out turnips to scare away the evil spirits though. Well things have changed and now there is trick or treating and more of a commercial Americanized way of celebrating it but it is intertwined with many ancient traditions which adds a different twist than the American version.

Below is a video performance of Thor's Hammer: Wild Hunt. The Vikings had a powerful influence in the North of England, so it isn't unusual to see their influence intertwined with christian holidays or held around the same time.

Asia displays a newfound embrace of Halloween: Taipei Times
Check out these fabu Halloween costumes in Taiwan where Halloween is now popular amongst students.
Halloween around the World

Halloween Origins and Customs

It may be considered bad luck in the USA but NOT in the UK

Pumpkins and Photographs by c.bayrak


Lana Gramlich said...

Halloween's the only holiday I've ever bothered celebrating, really. Usually my friend & I (back in Canada,) would hold a huge, costume bash w/prizes & all. Unfortunately I've rarely gotten any trick or treaters, though. Guess I'm too far out in the country.

Undaunted said...

I don't remember Halloween until I was maybe 10. Even then it wasn't as commercialised as it is now (was anything?) but we thought it was fun to dress up and get some free sweets and a bit of pocket money for our efforts. As a child there was something exciting about ghouls and ghosts - now, not so.

This is a very educational post as usual Jafabrit. I have found all so called christian holidays originate with pagan festivals.

The Lone Beader said...

I always enjoy going to Salem, MA around Halloween. The gravestones there are fantastic! :D