The Dog Days of Summer

Glass of Ribena
Photo by c.bayrak
I usually prefer drinking it hot, but yesterday demanded a cold drink.


I havn't had a a glass of ribena in yeeeeeears. Ever since i heard about a young girl who lost all her teeth, through drinking it. She ended up at 8 years of age with false teeth. Put me off lol.

Loooooving the dog howling video. Is it your dog, as it's such a cutie.
JafaBrit's Art said…
sheesh, how much of the stuff was she drinking margaret? Yes, that is my dog rufus :)
Vanessa said…
It's winter in Australia so a hot drink goes down well but a hot ribena! not sure about that.
Lana Gramlich said…
The photo of the glass is spectacular! Cute dog. :)
Merelyme said…
hey there...i haven't been to visit you in forever. how are doing girl?
Connie said…
That's funny stuff!

Peace & Love.
Janvangogh said…
Rufus is funny.
L.M.Noonan said…
Are you sure that it's ribena in that glass?
Undaunted said…
Lol, Margaret, she did realise you're supposed to dilute the stuff??

Love the glass photo Jafabrit. Light through glass is so pretty. Your poor dog! How did you make that dreadful noise?!
I love my Ribena and I've had it mixed with lots of things but never had it hot. Wow, have to give it a's winter now and I still drink mine with ice cubes.
JafaBrit's Art said…
thanks lana, I was running into the kitchen and the reflection was so pretty I just HAD to photograph it.

doing fine merelyme, and enjoying a rather tame summer this year :)

Absolutely sure loretta, why?

undaunted, once a month the village tests the air raid siren which sets of the whole village of pooches howling.

jan, connie, thanks, rufus is a sweetie but when he howls it makes me laugh. He howls at police cars, and sometimes the telephone ringing too.
Oza Meilleur said…
Oh that glass is soooo pretty.
The shadow is like lace...

Pleased to meet you.
I shall visit often.

Big hugs always,
Mudd a.k.a. Oza
Great photo!
My mother's friend used to send her kid to bed with apple juice in his bottle and his teeth rotted out too.
Sunil said…
Great photo
That video is adorable! What a cute little Yorkie! Reminds me of my little Yoda.

btw, thanks for all your wonderful comments on my blog, so sorry I haven't commented on yours for so long. It helps to know that people are out there thinking of me.