Thursday, July 03, 2008

Crushed Can Art

crushed can art
"Feeling a bit crushed"

Art News Blog had a great post about crushed can art/painting and a group in Spain at Painting Cans calling for admissions. I thought I would play in the studio instead of watching the paint dry (still working on the skulls). What I can't figure out is how the heck others get the tab right smack in the middle like on Painting Cans. Anyway the idea fits right in with free art fridays and a desire to recycle things for art, so this one is slated for the 3rd Friday Fling in the Springs.

I really do have to get a trophy room so I can share not only the trophy's but all the wonderful people who have given them to me. Here is another one from a fellow blogger, Linda Blondheim) whose work and approach to her work I admire. Linda is the one that helped me change my attitude on marketing (to view not as a chore but as part of what I love to do already, which is communicating with the public).

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