Saturday, June 07, 2008

Presents, Trophies, and Challenges

Sometimes there are days when things are said and done that just makes a persons day. I had one of those the other day, not only with such lovely comments ( thank you to those who take the time comment, I really appreciate it.), a present from olga the traveling bra arrived in the mail, and a trophy (Art Y Pico) waiting for me on her blog. I couldn't stop laughing when I got the mug (I mean really a bra sends me a mug -how wonderfully crazy is that).
AND then I had such a wonderful day in the studio (oh, now you know that feels sooooooooooo good).
AND then there is Margot's Kewpie Doll Challenge LOL! I can't wait to see what everybody does.

I seem to be having a thing with skulls and skeletons lately lol! Anyway I am expanding on the vinyl record painting I did and doing it on wood with a pattern (similar to the doll paintings on vinyl).
For Free Art Fridays I made a fun little assemblage with a computer part and a clay cow head.
So there you have it, a day in an artist's life, not wildly exciting, but rich with what makes me feel blessed.

Jafagirl Doll Exhibit in Yellow Springs: Slide Show



Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Now YOU have made MY day! :)
I love your art AND your attitude SO much! my next life, I wanna be a Jafabrit Girl!

Bill Evertson said...

You just have tooo much fun. Is there something in the water? My recent experience in the local art world makes me want to infiltrate your sense of humor into our stagnate climate. While I love the Japanese doing bamboo, iris, plum blossom and chrysanthemum forever - and I practice on these every few weeks, somehow stone walls and sailing ships are not bringing the same feelings. My experience with art fair led me to questions such as where is the original?
Return - It exists as 1 and 0 on my hard drive. I think I may need to do more in my community and you are a pattern - thanks Bill

JafaBrit's Art said...

thanks olga :) I shall try and keep the attitude, although sometimes I get down (I will explain below).

Bill I think if I didn't have fun I would sit and cry or have some pathetic pity party. HEre is the unvarnished truth. My work doesn't sell. There I said it. Okay I have sold a couple of pieces this year, but most of my work adorns the gallery wall for months on end. So what to do, give up, paint on demand or just get on with it. So I am getting on with it and at the end of the day I can at least look in the mirror and say I did my best.

Jane Turley said...

Good Lord Jaffa Brit..I used to have a fascination with skulls etc when I was doing my Art A level! (Hmm the rather sick and twisted side of me coming out...OOps .. I am by no means implying you are sick amd twisted....) In fact I carved a skull with a snake entwined around it for the exam. (Hmm.. that WAS sick.. anyway it was meant to show the relationship with between life and death... aka Cleopatra and the asp...) Get it? Umm... yes well, not sure if I do actaully....

Hey, and don't give up with the art. Your art is YOU. Sure, we all need money to survive but we also need expression and self fufillment and you must do what pleases you and your inner self. I write for the same purpose.

And I LIKE YOUR ART! And You know what some people class art as.. just that daft stuff they sell in thousands at IKEA!

Undaunted said...

*Undaunted's jaw hits the floor as she reads Jafabrit's comment above*

I'm shocked, but I suppose I shouldn't be. I feel there are different kinds of art which serve different purposes. The pieces which evoke and inspire aren't usually the pieces that people choose to blend in with their decor (that's what IKEA is for!). I don't think sales are always a good indication of how people feel about your work.

It's definitely all about the fun though!

cynthia said...

Love the bra mug!! What a hoot...

I couldn't open the page to Margot's Kewpie doll challenge. It keep bringing me to google sign on page.