Thursday, June 19, 2008

Knitted Poo & Noses

Knitted Poo Invitations
I saw one on the net somewhere and thought it hilarious, so I mentioned it to my jafapal Nancy, and wham, off we go knitting poos nightly. One of the blokes off the Dwyer & Michaels show that interviewed us suggested we put potpourii in them LOL! Anyway we are making them as invitations for the ChamberPot Gallery reception. I thought I would do a google check and see if I could credit the person who inspired us, but my oh my do you know how many people are making knitted poos? So I guess I will thank them all for inspiring yet another version of knitted poo.
From a matching set there is the loo roll and poo, the Pocket Farmer, Adopt-a-Poop (yes it's true you can adopt one and dang I see they have potpourri in them too), Dang, yet another potpourri poo, and then there is the Happy Poo pattern, Mr.Hankey Christmas Poo by Ansley of Bleu Arts,
doodie note holder (okay not knitted, but I thought it funny)

Fecal Matters can be seen on our jafagirlart website. Just for your information our knitted poos are imbued with the sweet SMELL of lavender and will cause no offense to the olfactory senses of those finding them in various spots around town.

I am just stuck on noses at the moment, even had a nightmare about one last night and how to make one. I think Nancy and I will just have to do a nose pole for our textile totem series. It always fascinates me how some people seem to think everyone else wants to know their business or they want to know others. I mean who would care if mrs. whatsherface down the street jumped on a trampoline and had a jolly good earth shattering fluff fest every monday morning (not real event and it isn't me, I don't have a trampoline anymore) or's spent a lot of money on parquet flooring. Do people really think their lives are so fascinating that everyone wants to nose around and gossip about them? Do some people lead such boring lives that they have to call around (yes we have someone in our neighbourhood who does this) to find out the mundane details of what mrs. mindyerownbeeswax has been doing?

Tutorial: How to draw a nose
Nose Art
tricked you ;)
Nose Jokes

Did you Know
Dr. Friedrich Bischinger, a lung specialist working in Innsbruck says picking your nose and eating your boogers is good for you. Honest!
I would think shoving your fingers up your nose in search of quality immune busters might lead to getting a big snozzle.

I had to stop staying "keep your pecker up" when I came to the USA
Being from an English speaking country did not save me from a few embarrassing or awkward moments of linguistic confusion. It may have meant nose back in England, but err, not in the USA.


Undaunted said...


Sorry if you all thought I was lady like or owt, but I love me bog humour! Makes me think of all those diarrhoea rhymes... Needless to say, my nieces and nephews think I'm great but their parents hate me!

Oh dear, a friend of mine had to be corrected on the usage of "pecker" too! It seems American meanings are finding their way over here too!

David Howard said...

Great to see your exuberance online Corrine - I wonder some times if you ever get tired or ever get depressed - I don't think you do.

Q. What do you find up your nose?
A. Fingerprints.

I can never get the little guy that lives in my nose, because he keeps on lifting his legs - maybe I should grab him by the pecker.

painter girl said...

Ya'll are a HOOT!
I wish we had some of the Jafa spirit in my little town! Hope the show is a success!

Janvangogh said...

Keep your pecker up. Arf! Something I would expect in my spam folder.

cynthia said...

This is so wrong in all the right ways - LOVE it!

Kim said...

a fashion designer just released a wedding dress made out of toilet paper ..over here
lavender smelling cat poo nice...
nosey people get right up my nose :)
sorry couldn't help myself Corrine :)

JafaBrit's Art said...

undaunted, you are a gal after me own heart lol, bog humour ROCKS! Now that is depressing, I can't even say "keep yer pecker up" in the uk now :(

Fingerprints LOL! David. I don't get depressed, but sure I have my down in the dumps days. Today I am tired, but then that is after all the work for art stroll. Hum, brain in plotting next adventure :)

Thanks Leanne, we had a good crowd but I think most of them came by because they needed the loo LOL! and then we SNAGGED them. Plus there was a cool band playing on the lawn next to the gallery.

Are you going to do one of your wonderful cartoons about the pecker now :)

Glad you liked cynthia. We left about 200 poo invitations all over town. I saw a few people picking them up and laughing their heads off. That was fun.

Kim, I will have to look at the toilet paper dress now.

Bill Evertson said...

Noses- I should call my 91 year old mom the Nose. Gossip Extraordinaire. Now in a nursing home with dementia and other health problems (like any good guilt-ridden son I visit 3 times a week) she wants me to fill her in on gossip. Problem is that every one she used to need gossip on has died - so now she wants the dirt on my friends! I think I'll tell her that Corrine has been placing knitted poo around town. Of course she'll wonder how Corrine is related or maybe she'll put you in the Hillary column, with whom she is a close adviser.

Colette Amelia said...

Ahh always good to stop around for it is truly a feast for the senses...although I think I will pass on the boogers.

You have been a busy girl!

I have been hearing about flooding and have been wondering if your area is affected? terrible indeed!

Lynette said...

:D Corinne, your post made me smile today for sure! From knitted poos (hehe so darned cute) to booger picking and LOL I didn't know that the word 'Pecker' had a different meaning across the sea! That could get you some funny looks LOL! Great post!!

José said...


Here they are again.
This may become viral....
Heck, try going to a restaurant and say knife in portuguese....

Kind regards,


JafaBrit's Art said...

Jose, I think I will would giggle too much trying to say knife in Portuguese.

how about asking for a cup of kaka in Turkety :)

Susie Q said...

I have found my smile today...thank you for that dear Corrine!

Poo poo humor is the best..just ask the kids in this house!
How I wish we had one of those invites. No matter...we wann come by again soon!


Chris Bolmeier said...

I was thinking of a different spin on your poo invention. Green poo (still brown but made of recyclable yarn materials) so you could have the best poo most earth friendly poo. Chocolate would be a nice fragrance for people trying to break their addiction to chocolate if they stored it in their poo pouch. Booger flavored vitamins for kids!