Grumpy Potato's and Found Art

"Mrs. Neighbour" I says. "why do you have a grumpy potato on the shelf above the stove"? "eeeh, what are you talking about"? says mrs.neighbour. I asked her, "you mean you didn't do that on purpose"?. "no, what"? says mrs.neighbour, "I just put the tattie there for my son so he would remember it for lunch"?

She couldn't stop laughing as I told her over a cup of tea (not with sherry or crumpets) that it looked like one sad grumpy tattie waiting to put in the pot or oven.

Meanwhile later that evening mrs.neighbour's daughter was full of excitement !

She had found a piece of my art in town near the post office and had to come and show me.

One hour later there was a rapid knocking at the door and guess what I FOUND?
Hard to see, but it is a little pencil drawing of a tree on canvas and is called "beautiful day". When her mum asked her if she should colour it in the daughter said, "oh no, corrine LIKES black and white."
I got to tell you this just MADE MY DAY!


Janvangogh said…
I see a whole series of potato face photos a brewing.
JafaBrit's Art said…
jan, you know everytime I do something I go and do a search about it and wham! there are others doing something similar. I wonder if I google potato faces what I come up with. There may be a whole trend of people photographing faces in potato's.
JafaBrit's Art said…
well I couldn't find any lol! and I need to stop goofing around and get on with painting for the doll show.
Undaunted said…
I'm not surprised it made your day! Oh, that is sooo sweet! How special - you each own a piece of art by the other!

I took a photo of a heart shaped potato once, but I'm not sure if I still have it. And I had a mushroom with two legs!
Undaunted said…
Suggestion for a song for this post - "you say potato and I say potarto, you say tomato and I say tomarto - potato, potarto, tomato, tomarto, lets call the whole thing off!" :D
Kim said…
oh that reminds me of the skipping song ..
one potato ...two potato...three potato...four....five potato....six potato...more :)
what a beautiful gesture...
I love black and white art too !!!
your entry for the comp is sensational Corrine !!!
I will be posting the entries Saturday week...with more details on the voting....sooo best of luck...
and have a grand weekend too :)
dinahmow said…
Yep! You can almost always count on a child to understand the reality. Lovely!
(Stop being a couch potato and get back to the studio!)
julie king said…
everything in this blog made me smile and i also came away wonderfing what a happy potato would look like. lol! i think you have a fan in mrs' neighbor's little one. how sweet!
Bill Evertson said…
Potato aside - look - another young one that gets art. Corrine - you are doing your job. Isn't it a lovely job. Best Bill
That's so cute! But nowI 'm never gonna be able to bake a potato without feeling guilty! :)
cynthia said…
How wonderful for your neighbor to find your art and then to gift you with a creation of her own!

Happy Mother's Day to you!
Midlife Gals said…
So glad you dropped by The Midlife Gals neighborhood! We LOVE your site and your art!

Don't miss our videos all along the right side of our blog page. And, Pass us along as that's how this thingy works!

KK and SalGal
HMBT said…
Happy Mothers day! I hope you have a wonderful day!
The Lone Beader said…
I keep my grumpy potatoes on top of the fridge! :D
All the grumpy potatoes ended up in Shepherd's Pie this weekend! :)
Susie Q said…
How wonderful that she found your art work and that she shared one with you! That is just lovely beyond words...

Ah...potato art. I look forward to seeing what you will do. Sad potatoes and happy potatoes. Pensive spuds,
tortured soul will be big I tell you! BIG!