Monday, May 19, 2008

Art In a Ball and Tattoo Baby Genesis

Undaunted asked what sort of art we (moi, Nancy, Talitha and Jennifer) put in our art vending machine. I don't have any recent pics but here are a few samples. The challenge is coming up with pieces that are are original, not labor intensive and don't require buying supplies to make. The Art Vending machine is not a money maker, but it is fun and people seem to really enjoy it, especially the kids.

Sue asked where I came up with the idea to do the tattoo doll and it actually all started with an old fan I found on the side of a road a few years ago. I used one of my favourtie methods of painting, which is to use black as my base and then a coat of white paint (which I sometimes sand down a bit).

I had the fan lying around the studio and I was staring at the fan as I was having a hot flash. I decided to decorate it and and the title "menopause" came to mind when I finished it. I had so much fun doing it and wanted to decorate something else so I grabbed my 50 cent garage sale cabbage patch doll. Unlike the current doll I used a black marker which bled a bit when I shellacked it, so this time I used acrylic paint for the markings.


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