Thursday, March 27, 2008

The mighty MGM

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Knitters beat MGM Mirage in Public Art Media Blitz: Arts JournalSo I thought I would leave a little found art from little ol' me outside MGM Mirage :)
I wrote good luck on the back of it.

About the NewsIt's been quite intriguing and interesting reading the reactions to this story across the country and the world. I thought it would be fun to address a few of those comments and questions.

Don't they have anything better to do? You mean like hit a ball with a stick for hours on end, or watch a car go round and round and round a track, or sit in a smoke filled casino for hours on end playing poker ;)
Err, me losing $2 in 2 seconds in the Bellagio doesn't count!

They should use yarn for more worthy causes.
So, err, does that apply to all the materials an artist/knitter/crafter uses?
Hum, has everyone worldwide been informed of this policy regarding the use of yarn?

It isn't original.
Nobody claimed it was!
They should spend more time working on more serious issues.
How do you know we don't?

Don't they know there's a war going on? Naw! really! You mean all this time my son was in the marines I had noooooooo idea.

What a stupid idea!
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I thought I would share this as it's so sweet. A couple decided to tie the knot under the tree.Now that ROCKS!

Yes I am now officially a wedding photographer lol!


Bill Evertson said...

Love your attitude. Give them the finger and keep doing what you do. Witch, witch burn her seems to be the current popular opinion once again here in the states concerning art. Probably see you next on 60 Minutes as an obscene knitter.

cynthia said...

I never really did understand the fascination of watching cars going around in circles for hours - but knit a tree cozy - THIS I can relate to!

The Lone Beader said...

Awesome wedding photo! :D

Undaunted said...

Oh Wow! Great news article! Sounds to me like you're already giving them the birdy! Leaving found art outside MGM Mirage - I like your style!

Those comments are outrageous! What is wrong with people?? Can't they lighten up for one minute?

The wedding photo is great - you'll soon be outdoing Las Vegas for weddings!

Janvangogh said...

Interesting article. Goliath, meet David.

Colette Amelia said...

Glad you are back! Keep spreading the spunk!

HMBT said...

I think people who have that much to say about something that is supposed to bring a smile or at the very least a question to the mind and/or face are stu-ooooopid. How's that? That couple is so sweet! I love that you left art at the MGM, that's about as cool as it gets... but a suggestion next time you leave a evil eye out in front of a place like that "break a leg" might be better than good luck! Those folks can be mighty superstitious! :)LOL

Kim said...

great wedding photo Corrine !!!
I often wonder why all the whingers don't immigrate to some far of island....or better still another planet....where they can all be un creative ...dull....and downright nasty together....

David Howard said...

Is that your art near the bushes in the MGM photo?
And now for something completely different.
Corinne would you be interested in being co-producer of Artproofer Blog.
I would give you full administrative rights and would allow you to freely express your way with the site - I am looking for a blogger artist who can help me slowly develop the site. Maybe a post now and then, and adding relevant links. I know you might be busy but personally I am treating it as a casual thing, allowing it to evolve into a resource site. Let me know either way - I won't be offended - I am very easy going with very honest motives. I would like to ask Loretta as well - but will wait until she comes back online.

Margot Potter said...


Joke 'em if they can't take a fuck.



ysartist said...

I would have to wear a bag over my head Bill coz I HATE being photographed and being on camera, YIKES.

Me neither Cynthia, but some people LOVE watching the cars.

I was over the moon and so proud to take the photos of the wedding Lone Beader.

What is wrong with people undaunted, I don't know, perhaps they need to see a proctologist and get the stick removed asap.

I will work on it colette :)

ooh "break a leg" hmbt, now that is wicked.

Yes Kim, I agree, should send them to a treeless island.

I am flattered by the invitation David, I am going to have to ponder it a bit. I am trying to reduce my workload and will NOT be doing any solo exhibits next year. Can you wait on that?


JafaBrit's Art said...

thanks margot :) Next post I better put a pic of me on a ROCK!

painter girl said...

I was on my way home from London and hubby handed me an article about the tree. I couldn't believe it. All the way in Europe they were talking about ya'll! I was so excited to see it in print. Ya'll Rock!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Ha ha Painter girl that must have been a kick. Nancy did a live interview on Dublin Radio St. Patrick's Day. I was in Vegas and left it up to her. She was terrified she wouldn't understand their accents, but she did fine. I bet Ireland was magical.

SSB said...

That is so cool that the couple tied the knot there. Very appropriate.


soooo glad you're back.
When people make stupid criticisms of art, i just laugh hahahahaha, you have to remember that part of their brain is missing. proven fact.
My old art teacher used to say, If someone criticises your work, it means you have a reaction. Whether it's a good or bad reaction, it doesn't matter. THEY HAVE REACTED.

Susie Q said...

Those were considered sane comments?? Who were these people?? ARGH...
a cozied up tree I can understand much better than watching cars go around and around and around and getting nowhere...but that is just me. : )
Another credit to add to your photog!
What a fun spot to tie the old proverbial knot. KNot...knitting...
oh well.


MadSilence said...

Interesting commentary on Aesthetic Grounds. I like what the JafaGirls have to offer. And what's wrong with a bit of publicity? I believe that crafting & trees make an unbeatable combo. And the Forest Biologist in me (SUNY Syracuse'78) is pleased to learn that no trees were hurt in the making.

I so like the idea behind the "found art." Many bibliophiles leave books in public places with a note to read and pass it along. It's good to share the joy.


Anonymous said...

Great article. It's so wonderful that your project is getting such attention. Love the wedding pic - that's so adorable.

Glad you are back.

L.M.Noonan said...

I love it! How fabulous that you've got so much publicity. With a bit of luck you'll get a big fat public art commission to knit a swank jacket for an ugly office block or perhaps a scarf (Tom Baker-Dr Who style) to adorn the slender throat of a skyscraper?
my dad taught my mum to knit. Maybe David is a clandestine crotchetier?

JafaBrit's Art said...

I doubt it loretta, sigh! this publicity is not unlike what Nancy and I got for The Chamberpot Gallery 2 years ago. It is very good publicity for our village, but I actually saw no benefit to me professionally as a result.

I love the idea of a tom baker scarf though and it does get me brain ticking hee! hee! and I would love to have someone help jolt my memory on how to crochet, because I do have a lace project up me sleeve.

Why margaret, me thinks you are right about that LOL!

It was an interesting article madsilence, as for leaving a bit joy in the world, yes, that pleases me :)