Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Won Something and NOT in Vegas

I, Jafabrit, actually won something. I won a book called, "Men In Space" in a competition on The View From Here, a literary blog by writer Mike French. The question was what would you graffiti on the wall and I wrote JAFAGIRLS ROCK--hee! hee! of course! To see why the author, Tom McCarthy, chose my entry visit Mike's Blog. Considering I love Jaffa cakes and I love painting faces on Rocks, Tom got my number LOL! and was spot on.
Thanks Mike and Tom

This is oil paint on a river stone.
The thing I like to do is confuse the viewer into wondering if it is the shape of the stone or the painting that has defined the features.


andrea said...

The painting -- of course! At least that's my deafult position. And congrats.

SSB said...

Congrats! My mom strolled on to your site for the first time yesterday she got a good giggle from the undies on the tree and the knot knot tree.

The Lone Beader said...

Congrats on winning the book! If I had known about the contest, I would've written 'The Lone Beader was here.' Then there would have been some real competition! LOL.

Anyways, I think I'm gonna do a little sticker graffiti job on the Abbey Road Studios wall when I go to London in May) I'm gonna print out the image of my beaded yellow submarine with the blue meanies in it and stick it on the wall, signed of course! Good idea, huh?

cynthia said...

The painting!

Congratulations on winning the book - that's terrific.

May I just say, you're looking fabulous!

Bill Evertson said...

The painting carries the rock to a new place. For some strange reason I kind of associate this with C.C. Wang, who in his later later years did his beautiful landscapes on pages of Chinese phone books.

Jean said...

this is excellent. I do not have a problem being unable to decide! I just like that fact that someone highly qualified in art, like you, DID this! One of the first memorble gifts anyone ever gave me involved a rock. and Alfred E. Newman. I loved that rock. It was very finely done.

David Howard said...

All I can say is "Jaffaboys don't throw stones they just roll jaffa's down the aisle at the movies"
If you don't know what a jaffa is then you ain't an aussie - check it out.

Good on you Jaffa girl.

Undaunted said...

Hehehe congratulations on winning something! I won a DVD once. It just came through the post saying that I'd won it, but I still don't know where from or how! Still not watched it either.

I agree with Jean - I'm happy to be confused about the rock. It er... rocks!

And I agree with Cynthia too - you look good lady! (even without your tongue hanging out... I mean sticking out! hehehe)

JafaBrit's Art said...

Howard I have never seen Jaffa Sweets and they sound YUMMY!

thanks Jean, I loved painting the rock and this one was one of my favourites. I think it is now in LA somewhere embedded in someone's wall.

Glad your mum had a good giggle ssb :)

Oh yes Lone beader lol yes. I LOVE your idea for the sticker, very very cool and where better. I hope we will see photos of it actually on the wall.

That is an interesting connection bill, I will have to explore his work to see why?

thanks cynthia, I think after all the walking in zion National Park and Valley of Fire, as well as in Vegas paid off.

Jean I don't feel that qualified, still working on it lol! but I accept the compliment gracefully and will continue to try to live up to it.

The Lone Beader said...

Oh, yea. I'll blog that one. LOL. Maybe I should make a big one for the wall, then make a bunch of minis to stick just anywhere... oh say like in the Underground. LOL!

Lynette said...

That is so clever and I wish I could hold that rock and look at it in person because for me it's hard to tell! I agree with Cyn, you look great and congrats on winning the book!

Mike French said...

Well done and I love your stone face - you have a unique talent!

Janvangogh said...

That is funny about the VAT and jaffa cakes.

You are looking great!

Susie Q said...

Amazing painting!
Congratulations on winning! That is always a pretty wonderful thing!
You were in IKEA Sunday?? So were we could have seen one another? In all those people?? Grace loved the place as did Bill. My Mom did but it tired her out. I think we will go back later and see about a closet wall unit for Grace's room. It was fun but would have been more so with less crowd! : )

We are heading to YS today. I want to see the tree and show it to Grace. I will yell hello!! Listen for me..I am LOUD!


JafaBrit's Art said...

OH my heavens you were there on sunday suzie! It was a zoo. I want to go back to check out the bed frames, but it was IMPOSSIBLE Sunday. No wonder your mum got tired out.

Oh I hope Grace adds something to the tree. You know a couple got married under it, tied the knot so to speak. It was sooooooo sweet. Hope you enjoy seeing it.

San said...

That is one excellent painting on rock. You rock! And you win! Cheers!

American Genius said...

What is Jafaartbrit

Jack Payne said...

True grit. Gumption, and all that good stuff. You have the heart of a (stone) lion.

HMBT said...

First Congrat's! Second your painted rocks make me want to run to the river bank and scoop up as many stones as I can carry and try this, they look so 3-D and real. The always have so much life in the eyes, I now have painted rock envy...thanks *smirk* and my day was going so well....:)

Linda Blondheim said...

Congrats!! I love your rock painting. Awesome.

L.M.Noonan said...

I had a sqizz at the site and girl there was NO competition! Why do I think we'll be seeing that slogan on walls and freight cars everywhere?