Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Culture Watch: Maori Art

Painting on Stone 2004

I was browsing through a body art book that had several pictures of Maori tattoos (Tā moko) and was really taken with their artwork and culture. Tattooing has a long rich history and for me it is quite fascinating to see how different cultures use it to define themselves. We do have a Maori Elder in Yellow Springs called Raymond Ruka who has written a book called "The Family Tree of the Rainbow". We had quite a squabble about which is better, marmite or vegemite, LOL, and for those who might be interested in what the difference is, check this out.

Maori Art examples.
History of Body Art: American Museum of Natural History.

Haka (Ka Mate)
This is a famous Maori dance by the "All Blacks" Rugby Team. I wonder what the opposing team think as they see this. Anyway I enjoyed seeing it.

Ka kite ano
(see you again)


ckw said...

I love the tattoos and I cant help but think of that movie The Piano- I really liked the way Harvey Kitell's character completely absorbed himself in the lifestyle and the way the natives tried to be accepting-but really just liked the clothes and hats and different material things-because the religion deal was way outa line for them.
I like the simplicity of the stone and-- how can anyone go wrong with the age-old element of shape -spiral.?
thanks for all the inspiration and the links of information.

Kris Cahill said...

Loved the dance done by the All Blacks! They were psyching themselves up and the other team out. Who won, is what I want to know?

Your blog is always such a lot of fun to visit, thanks!

JafaBrit's Art said...

thanks kris, I think they lost :(

ckw I LOVED the movie The Piano and so agree with you about Karvey Kietel.

dinahmow said...

Kia ora! Thanks for the links (I have some books, but always enjoy new stuff on the web)I love your moko'd stone.I should do one for a doorstop.
And that haka! These days, no one is very scared, but imagine what it must have been like a few hundred years ago!
http://www.korero.maori.nz/ is a good site for those interested.

Susie Q said...

Bill studied the Maori while getting his degree in Anthropology. This post brought back so many memories of what we learned together...I love this stone.

Visiting here is always interesting and fun and such a treat.

Have I thanked you for that lately?

Thank you dear heart!


The Lone Beader said...

The stone is wonderful! :D

doudy said...

Its interesting to know that in other ancient cultures Tattooing was the carving of the skin rather then just inserting pigments.

Oh By the way thanx for the wet canvas link, It really provides lots of resources especially for Aquarelle, so I joined in but for now I am just looking and consulting the various threads..I am enjoying it, thanx!

HMBT said...

I love the stone, and that you paint stones so often. It inspires me so much to see the world around me with a new "eye", anything is canvas! Mate man and I are both into tattoos (I don't have any, but he does) I love the history and the art. Another fun post...I wanna learn that dance and do it with my kids every morning, it looks like that much fun.

Still Waters Studio said...

What a fierce tribe. I wouldn't want to play against those guys.
Love the rock!

Lynette said...

OMG that stone painting looks so realistic that at first I thought it was a real face, love it!! I also enjoyed the rugbee dance, those guys look tough and they're easy on the eyes too LOL!

Cynthia said...

At first I thought that you made a clay mask - until I saw your caption. :D

The place where I got a piercing last year is also a tattoo parlor and their gallery is lined with photos of indigenous peoples with their tattoos and piercings. It was pretty fascinating. I could have stayed there for hours.