Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Found Art: What a Woman!

Rosa Murillo's Found Art Tuesday theme was "woman" and I thought how there are some women who inspire the phrase "what a woman". Louise Nevelson is one of those women.

Discarded Computer part, clay bead skull and a little picture of Louise Nevelson. The picture on wood slides out and on the back is her quote.
”When you put together things that other people
have thrown out, you’re really bringing
them to life – a spiritual life that surpasses
the life for which they were originally created."

Work of Louise Nevelson

Check back for found art tuesday updates from participating artistsNancy - women and world hunger
Lest you think I don't leave seasonal cheery objects also, here is my latest, a little snow roach.

Sorry ANON SUBSCRIBER I just can't go without music, I just can't. I am sorry to lose you, but music is a part of my art here.


eek said...

Love the snow roach! Very cute!

Does the music play if you read a blog through a reader? I've never tried it, but if it doesn't play that might be a solution that works for everyone.

HMBT said...

Yea for snow roaches! I love the found art...that is very inspirational. I want to join in on found art projects, I guess I need to read up to find out more. I love the music, don't stop!

Margot Potter said...

Everytime I come here I'm inspired.

Avalon would love that roach, she spraypainted cicada shells silver and called them spraypaintas. They were festive little brooches.

Keep making amazing art and enjoy your music! I keep my speakers down so I never even hear the music, maybe they can try that.


Still Waters Studio said...

I love the Nevelson quote. I had to add that to my art quotes. Now I'm regretting throwing away that circuit board last week. The cockroach is hilarious!

Janvangogh said...

Cute cockroach. Geez, cant believe I called a cockroach cute. :-)

Can you adjust the volume on the music when you post it?

Jafagirls said...

hiay Jan, Yes I tried to adjust volume and it didn't work.
Will try again, or maybe try and different service.

Soooooooo, I made a roach cute LOL! Now that's something eh! I like the idea of spraypainted cicada shells margot :)

hmbt, nancy and I are having fun with the found art tuesdays, because we make the art and then go out together to hunt for places to leave it.


Alexa said...

I never have thought of an idea like a snow roach. that's funny and inventive.

Susie Q said...

I love the snow roach! Found art is truly an inspiration and so much fun.
So creative.
Hey! Those words describe you too!

And I love that music too.


Jafabrit said...

thanks alexa, I do get a kick out of decorating rubber roaches.

hiay susie, shucks, blush, thanks!