Friday, September 07, 2007


Well this is about as much as I have got done in the last few days, the black background, LOL!
Meanwhile our Art Ball Machine has a NEW location at the Nolaa Gallery, designed and ordered postcards for my exhibit, started working on a new blog for the jafagirls,and had fun at the Blue's Fest watching Talitha's (fellow Jafa) husband play some blues with his band W.G. Blues Unit.
Sometimes there are days when creating needs a rest and spending time living an artful life takes precedence, as well as seeing to the business side of art. More on "living an artful life" another day.

Pioneer of Still Life
Fede Gallizi established herself as an artist at the age of 12. "Although very few contemporary sources mention Fede's still life paintings, they are the majority of her surviving works. Sixty-three works have been catalogued as hers, of which 44 are still lifes. One of her signed still lifes made in 1602 is said to be the first dated still life by an Italian artist....."


Casey Klahn said...

Sorry to be such a contrarian, but I am thrilled with Galizia's figuratives.
I am glad you brought her to my attention. She looks like a free spirit to me.

Jafabrit said...

Her painting "Judith with the head of Holofernes" is stunning isn't it :)

L.M.Noonan said...

I love it the way it is! I'm also intrigued with your cryptic "living an artful life".
I agree that because we arty farts are always making something -even if it doesen't manifest itself in the physical world; that we NEED time out. A holiday from art.

Jafabrit said...

thanks noonan, looking at it here I am getting a different perspective. I may keep this one simple.

Margot Potter said...

There is time for work and time for play...and sometimes play is work...and sometimes work is play.

Or something like that.

This is going to be cool, I can feel it in my bones.


Jean said...

then this peach still life--my friend and i spent a long time emailing back and forth about eating peaches, and I wrote I always think of TS Eliot when i think of peaches, but that maybe most people think of the Alman brothers, when they think of peaches. my friend was describing a perfect moment yesterday, eating peaches with her husband...except that the peach was white inside, not peachy perfect! hey!!! you are a majorly good artist!

the domestic minx said...

I love how it's turning out, Jafabrit...
The black is delicious.

I fully endorse your comment about living an artful life..
I have felt overwhelmed lately and have found it increasingly necessary to seek communion with mind and spirit within nature.

We all need to withdraw from time to time in order to recharge our batteries...

Janvangogh said...

Nolaa gallery looks like the perfect venue for the artball machine.

This painting is looking good.

Cynthia said...

I too need breaks now and again from my life... but I always appreciate my chosen path 10 fold when I return.

I wonder how many contemporary artists will be remembered 100 years from now??

How are your art balls being recieved??

Jafabrit said...

Jean it's funny how sometimes people will be touching on subjects that you have just been thinking of :) When I think of peaches I think of how as teens we would say a guy was peachy (meaning very nice).

Jennifer at the Nolaa Gallery has been wanting it ever since we got one Jan. She is very excited about it. She has a fabulous gallery and a great personality, so I am quite excited about it being there too.

I decided to leave it black minx. After reading people's opinions and looking at it on here I am seeing potential. Thanks for the vote of confidence Margot, I trust your insticts.

"I wonder how many contemporary artists will be remembered 100 years from now??"
It's a good question Cynthia. I was just reading about Vermeer and how he was forgotten for nearly 200 years. I suppose it depends on whether one is discovered or their work remains relevent somehow? How does an artist's work remain relevant is another question altogether.

Abraham Lincoln said...

I will be anxious to see this one finished.