Friday, September 14, 2007

For the Love of Vintage

Have you ever come home from shopping and just wanted to set your goodies out and enjoy them for a while? I bought a couple of things from my favourite gallery (gregory's studio of wonders) which ALAS is closing down by the end of next week :( A fellow blogger here wrote a beautiful entry about Gregory's Gallery and it's closing.
I was so pleased with my finds because I have had a yen to get me some vintage fabric for a while now for a home project (will show you in another blog entry). Not sure what I am going to do with the vintage doll head yet, but for now she's in my rhubarb patch. If you click on the rhubarb link by the way you will learn this little fascinating little snippet from history.
The Guangzong emperor (1620-1621) is miraculously cured from some severe illness he got after having had a joyful time with four "beautiful women" sent to him by a high official, cured with rhubarb, naturally"
Love how they word it :)

A HIKE IN THE GLEN: We took a hike this morning and I was reminded of our last few hikes there. We were on a trail when rufus stopped dead in his tracks. He was agitated and growling and wouldn't move forward on the trail. The air was very still, the hair on my neck was standing on end and I got goosebumps. Kinds of spooks you out when an animal is spooked and you can't see why. I was beginning to think there was a spirit or a presence on part of the trail that was once roamed by the miami or shawnee. We picked him up and walked past the spot. The next week same thing happened in the same spot only he started to bark towards something, so we moved in that direction and he barked more. WEll, LOL! we realized what it was. Not a spirit, not a ghost, but a newly fallen tree that was hollow. For a 6lb yorkie it must have looked like an animal with a gaping mouth. I have never seen a dog growling under his breath walk past a tree so fast in my life.

PS: Don't know why but I've got it in my head that this winter I must have a red handbag and a pair of red boots.


Cynthia said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Gregory's House of Wonder is closing!! Ever since you first wrote about him and his shop, I was jealous that I have found nothing like it in Denver. I wish Gregory well...

the domestic minx said...

I am fascinated by the doll's head in the rhubarb patch...
I can see them springing up like weeds if you're not careful!

Janvangogh said...

Was wondering if this Gregory was the Katrina survivor. That is too bad that he is closing shop. Where is he headed off to?

BTW, I have been eyeing some wonderful greens in the purse departments.

dinahmow said...

Fascinating links.Having read why rhubarb was originally cultivated, do you think p'raps that doll ate too much?

David Howard said...

We have two little dogs, that behave in funny ways at times. They look curiously into my eyes as if they are trying to cross an uncrossable bridge. I often wonder how they see the world. I might be painting or fiddling with some gadget and I look around and see them watching me. Are they thinking that I am some god doing magic? Oh, the mystery of consciousness.

Anonymous said...

I am guessing there was something in the hollowed log.

The fabric is different and while I don't normally look at fabric, I found this nice.

The music. I like. I have a CD of that kind of Native AMerican music.

The Lone Beader said...

I love vintage! This reminds of that Spirograph I had when I was a kid=:)

Jafabrit said...

I remember those spirographs lone beader :)

It is such a shame cynthia, but not enough customers or sales :(

Jan, yes it's the same guy. He does have his work in a couple of places, new york being one. He will be staying in town and looking for a place to sell his work. Hum, green bags,but I don't see me wearing green leather boots.

yes dinah lol, dolly ate too much, just like me when I get my rhubarb yen.
David my daughters dog does that too, and it is strange in a nice way.

minx, I have now quite a few doll heads so yes indeed we may see them sprouting everywhere LOL!