Friday, July 06, 2007

WIP: Wish Doll / Marketing questions

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She's coming along, although she needs more hair, another leg, a few embellishments and some accessories. She is a wish doll because I put a secret wish list inside the doll and many of the features are tokens to ward off the things, such as a bad back for example. She is made of fabric that I painted after I constructed her. The filling is stuffing (I stole from a pillow of often steal from off the couch, which my husband is beginning to notice is not as fluffy, oops!) and rosemary, as well as a bay leaf . She is wearing a brace similar to the one Frida Kahlo used for her painting. There are two reasons why I used a similar brace, one being I love Frida Kahlo's work and the other because I identify with persistent back pain. She is sitting next to my Rhubarb patch because I LOVE rhubarb, especially rhubarb pie.

Art Marketing: Philip asked me a few questions with the intent it might help me focus, and it did. In fact I am reminded of what 2007 was supposed to be about. In other words I have meandered along and forgot my purpose this year and got myself in a tither.
Views on publicity at the start of the year and my plan for 2007 : "The year will be about a new direction with my art, doing my blog, doing found art (which I have found to be personally very rewarding) art fun with friends and special art projects."

1. How do I feel about marketing and the skills and effort needed? After recapping 2006 my answer is the amount of time/energy with little to show it isn't worth diluting so much time away from my art.
2. What do you think the ideal way would be to market your work given that you live in a very small community? Online with a website portfolio, a link on DVAC (Datyon Visual Arts Center), link on the YSArts Blog, and links on both Galleries that represent me. I exclude the blog because my blog isn't about marketing as much as using it as an art form in itself and communicating with family, friends, and fellow artists. I guess what I see after writing this and thinking about it is that I don't really market my work for sales as much as promote what I do (if that makes sense). I prefer to leave the sales and promoting of sales to a gallery.
3. What happens to most of your work? Some in galleries, some is given away to family, some stored away. Work that doesn't sell after a few years gets chopped up and reused, or painted over.
4.To what extent is your work on display in your own home? I have a few fave pieces in the dining room, in the den, but most of it is packed away.

So I guess if I want sales it is up to me to promote sales or leave it up the galleries and shut me gob griping about it.

Oh that felt good. Thanks Philip :)


Cynthia said...

I think that's why I'm banging my head against the wall everyday - I would rather make work than market it - which takes so much freaking time away from making!! I am going to really try to get into some galleries this year so that I can leave the marketing and selling up to them - other than small items on Etsy - which is easy.
I also only display a few of my items and like to hang other artist's work as well.

I like the way your doll is turning out - I just made the feet the other day but feel like I need to wait for the the head, feet and hands to be fired before I can begin work on the body - but I have decided to put wire throughout his body so that I can pose him. He also needs a suit.

jafabrit said...

I put wire in her arms for the same reason as you. I wanted her to be able to pose a little. Can't wait to see everyone else's. I am thankful to philip for asking me questions as it made me focus a little, or let's say refocus. Can't get in a tither about lack of sales when I don't exactly put much effort into marketing sales wise.

The Lone Beader said...

She is gonna be funky!! :)

Casey Klahn said...

Prone Press-Ups, general muscle strengthening around the back, and abdomen high counters (or, stand with the legs splayed so as to bring your stance down and rest your abs against the kitchen sink counter when doing dishes. A little backwards bend to the back). Lumbar pad in the car seat. No need to send a check for that. Mail me for more back tips (Corrine only!) I am not a back professional!
I struggle much with the difference between marketing and process on the blog site.
You'll be in museums next to Frida some day, Corrine - I can feel it.

Casey Klahn said...

I know you might know about this already, but here's a post I just read about a centenary for FK:

jafabrit said...

casey, thanks for ALL the tips, and the links. I really enjoyed looking at them. I wish I could see the whole exhibit :), how cool that would be.

Dr.John said...

Well she is slowly becoming. Now give her that other leg. I still think it should be a wooden leg.

Philip said...

It's the same for me really. I can't raise any enthusiasm whatever for marketing my work. Then, I keep on asking myself what is the point of carrying on and doing more and more work! And of course it isn't about money, just giving a greater purpose to what I do. I don't think that there is an easy answer to this - but if you come up with any, please let me know!!

The doll looks so different now! A great idea!

HMBT said...

Now I want to take apart my doll and put stuff inside him! Mine's a him I think...yours is GREAT! I am understanding the issues between marketing and production of my art...getting into galleries will help, like Cynthia...but I know that even if I never sold another work of mine...I would keep on creating. It what I do, it is a definition of myself as a greater being...I am an artist. Nuff Said.
I have so much work available right now and limited storage, so my house is covered wall to wall with my own work...I would love to have more of other artists work to look at and be inspired by on my walls. Alas...I'll have to make do with my own for the time being.
I LOVE your doll! I will try to get pictures taken of mine and show this weekend.

HMBT said...

OH doll's got wire inside too! :) Probably won't matter because I want to drown it in resin when I am done anyway...

jafabrit said...

Philip, alas I don't think I will come up with an answer. Your questions helped though :)

hmbt, I am so intrigued. I can't wait to see the pic of your doll :)

the domestic minx said...

Oh I LOVE your doll.
She is hot.
Mine is positively foetal next to yours - and I don't mean that in a literal sense - only that I am not as far advanced. I have been hospitalized for the past two days :(
I know what I will be putting in my wish doll....
You are so brilliant, darling!!!

L.M.Noonan said...

The doll is coming along splendidly...I'm sure Frida would approve. I'm jealous and want to make one to.
I'm also really intrigued by the idea of leaving little buts of art around the place for people to find...maybe David might be interested in starting a local chapter.
I've got one of those lumbar cushions for my computer chair. I buggered my back 20 years ago.No options but to get on with it.

jafabrit said...

noonan, people seem to really enjoy the found art and let me know, or ask me if the one they found is mine :)

I have pics of various art I and fellow jafa's have left around on my website.

minx, hope you are better soon.

jafabrit said...

noonan, are you going to join us and make a doll? I hope so, it isn't like there is a time line. I just thought it would be fun for us to do :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post Corrine!!!! I love Frida's work as well. What she stood for and how she delt with the pain that she was going through. It's all amazing to me! What a wonderful doll!
Hehehehe, think your husband will say anything about the couch?
Great post!

L.M.Noonan said...

For your tireless efforts and service to the world of art you have been awarded the "rockin girl blogger" award. Please come round and pick it up or I sahll add it to mine cause as every artist knows things are always better as multiples.