Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vampire Rabbits & decorating mojo

I actually deocrated a room and LIKED it. I am not very motivated or adept at decorating, let alone comfortable at picking a colour scheme for a room. I painted a crappy old gold sideboard the same blue as the walls, bought a new suede swivel chair, lamp, mirror and fabric for a throw pillow.
I did have the depressing realization that I don't have many paintings of mine I could use to dress up the walls, not unless I want to scare the shit out of my guests in the middle of the night. So I will have to ponder a bit on what I can paint. Egads making art to suit the decorating, blasphemous! Not sure if it should be flowers, landscapes or abstracts. What would you like to see in there?

Meanwhile my studio is a disaster zone.

Still I did manage to work on little bunny foo foo ;) despite the mess. Haven't got a clue what else I will do for this graffiti panel, but then what's new. Maybe I should put "howway the lads" on it somewhere since it relates to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.


The Lone Beader said...

Ah... the ol' messy studio... That's nuthin... You should see what my bead stash looks like! LOL.

Janvangogh said...

I would opt for the painting of your daughter in the kimono or the wood kimono (or a print of it)

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

I vote for abstract first and flowers second. Love the room color, you did a great job decorating.

Anonymous said...

Although, I'm not much of a decorator as far as rooms go. I would say that whatever makes you happy and fits your personality. You should do and your guests will love it. If they didn't love your personality already. They wouldn't be visiting you.
Personally, what I love about your personality are the creative things that you do. Like paint on rocks,making dolls, etc. Your very imaginative and just wonderful!
Your studio looks great! All studio's are going to be a bit out of order. Your being an artist, I am sure you like to collect things that you can later put into your art.

Maria & Stefano said...

You did a great job with the room...I love the chair in the corner!!!


Still Waters Studio said...

I love the room so far. The kimono painting sounds good or something abstract. I don't consider myself a good decorator either.

Cynthia said...

Didn't you do a rose painting awhile back?? I remember that being lovely - or yes, you're daughter in the kimono would work too.

A messy studio is the sign of a productive artist or at least a manic one!

Ed Maskevich said...

I think I would put "Little Bunny Foo Foo" in there. Your guests just might enjoy it in a dark room.

L.M.Noonan said...

One: love the new colour scheme...is it my monitor that is seeing a paynes grey sort of blue?
Payne grey is my favourite colour to paint with.
Two: Fuck scaring someone, I think for starters, the small painting of the boy with a pistol aimed at his head (in the messy studio shot...tut, tut, tut) would be-pardon the pun; just the shot.
I have scary painting all over my house. You have a message woman, let them read it.
Scary bunny is SCARY.
I shall wait to see the outcome before giving a more detailed opinion.
By the way, I thought one of the metal boxes in your studio was labeled 'old sticks', until I took a second look.

the domestic minx said...

Oh most certainly throw in some Vampire Bunny/Geordie lingo!!!

I can just imagine him lurching over the bed in your newly decorated - and lovely - room!!
Personally, I think you should hang art in there that reflects who you are, what you have created and what/who people know you to be.
Go ahead and hang your art!
It is brilliant. I think the kimono piece would be perfect!

Colette Amelia said...

I think a funky picture of Daisys would be great.

chris. said...

teehee--I recognise that rabbit!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis,
just noticed a bottle of Ma's favourite perfume SAFARI sitting in wait in your guest bedroom!
Looking really cosy!
Loving your blogsite as always.
Keep the vampire bunny at bay ARRRRRHHHHHHHHH
Your sis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

jafabrit said...

LOL sis! I was wondering if you and mum would notice :)

Lynette said...

Ahhh that room looks wonderful J.B. and I'm thinking an abstract with those nice colors on the bed would be the finishing touch for this room. My sister has that gift of making a room look great too, wish I had the gift, I'm awful at decorating rooms!

Susie Q said...

LOVE the room and the blue cabinet! LOVE the wall color. How about the painting of your lovely daughter?

Ah...messy studios mean great work is evolving.

LOVE the worry doll. I need to go back to the art ball machine....