Sketchbook: Bunny strikes again

Except it isn't the bad pink rabbit (still haven't got around to working on it). No this is the Vampire Rabbit of Newcastle. The story about it is in the link. I started working on a new graffiti panel with the ideas from this sketchbook page.

Well I can't believe this and I am not sure whether it is a good thing (master of bullshit or a great yakker), but I got TWO awards LOL! My family always said I was a bit gobby! Not gobby as defined in wiki ( free software collaborative real-time editor), but gobby as in gift o'the gab ;)
Much thanks to fellow bloggers Margot and Jennifer. Eek, does that mean I have to live up to it now? Will it be difficult? Naw!!!!!!!!!


"A new poll has revealed that Geordie is the nations favourite accent."
To hear a bit geordie you can visit bbc voices and click on pic of gail

My son sent me this pic he took in Taiwan. What is wrong with this picture?


The Lone Beader said…
Noooo!!!! Not the killer bunny!!!!
Maria & Stefano said…
Is it bad that I don't see anything wrong with the pic?!

Casey Klahn said…
I would say that the handle is upside down, but then again, China is on the other side of the world from here!
You would probably say that the fellow has both tea and an iced coffee drink.
Cynthia said…
That must be a mug that I made when I was trying to learn how to pull and attach handles!

Actually, I think it's very witty, much like yourself!

Though, I do think that Casey has it right - he's double fisting hot tea and iced coffee!

Congrats on your awards and as for the vampire bunny....
Well, I for one am stricken with wakefulness upon gazing at his mad visage!!!!
What a brilliant addition to Geordie folklore!

Love him!!
dinahmow said…
Well, I did wonder about the mug handle, but I've decided the lad is eating a "balanced diet." (One in each hand)Canny lad!
Angela said…
Girl, ya already live up to it! Well deserved I would say! Congradulations! :)
Dr.John said…
I will now live in fear of that rabbit.
HMBT said…
O.M.G. the bunny is funny!
painter girl said…
Love the bunny!
He looks as if he should be twisting and wringing his paws and cackling hysterically.
The bunny sounds like a good beginning to one of my husband's campfire stories that he uses to scare the nieces and nephews when they come to our farm to camp.
I'd love to hear the Geordie accent in person.
andrea said…
I'm supposed to be observant -- it's my job right? But I totally missed the upside down handle. I'm so ashamed...