Graffiti Paintings

I finally finished this painting and unfortunately the resin makes photographing it a challenge. I cut out a door and used black plastic coated wire for the hinge. My son prefers the country to a city so I decided to show that with a little painting I did of the countryside. The car is one of his toys from when he was little :)
Bad Bunny on the left got rubbed out. He was too small, so I will make a bigger version. Talking about bunnies, you should check out this giant knitted pink bunny on top of an Italian Mountain.


Oh I LOVE the doorway to the countryside. Absolutely deliciously, historically, "old".
I fell back in time looking at it.

As for the gigantic bunny.
I would love to crawl onto it's belly!!

andrea said…
EEK! I LOVE the finished result. (Was that excited enough?)
inspired said…
hiya hinny
the little car is cute..
is it a matchbox ?
Is the doorway on the back of your son's painting? I really like how it turned out. Your styles are so versatile. The bunny is amazing! I had to show it to my family. They were amazed too.
Cynthia said…
Very inventive and I think the door is perfect!
Susie Q said…
Wow...this is really amazing, as is all your work. I just look and gape in awe!
: )
Love the bunny...but that was a given huh?

OH!! I tried to email you and it bounced back at me...the security guard thing happened at the festival we took the girls to NOT the street fair in YS! No worries where YS is concerned!!

Sue, who is hot and parched and wishing it would rain. Feh.
jafabrit said…
oh yes, I would love to climb on that pink bunny minx.
I like the eek andrea :)

inspired, why eye man, wor kid got it off his nana years ago :)

still waters the doorway is on the front of the painting and when you open it, there is the landscape.

thanks cynthia.

susie, I am melting today lol! Yes, thanks for letting me know it wasn't yellow springs. Although I was tipped off when you said security guard (we don't have them LOL!).
Dr.John said…
I love the way that you keep doing such original things with your painting.
jafabrit said…
Thanks Dr. John :)
Hope all is well with you and your family.
Naj said…
Wow! Meant to comment yesterday - but didn't have time. Really like what you have done & do like the countryside piece.
jafabrit said…
Thanks naj, I am trying to remember if the landscape scene was from hexham or alnwick. Both places are gorgeous though.
inspired said…
Divvint loss it or dunch it mind (the carthat is) coz wa geordies man :o)
Angela said…
Ohhh how kewl!You are wonderfully inspirational! I find something interesting whenever I visit your blog. It would be sooo kewl to have something from your childhood in your art! Wonderful wonderful work! Thanks for sharing it!
Janvangogh said…
The resin looks great on this. Looks like you are going to have an interesting collection for the show this fall.
LynClay said…
This looks just stunning J.B.!! OMG that is a big bunny I would love to snuggle up to it, can't imagine how it would look so huuge up close!
D Howard said…
I am sorry Jafabrit, but you have been tagged. Go to my blog and check out the eight things I have done which you are supposed to do as well.
LOIQ said…
Haha the result is awesome ^,^
L.M.Noonan said…
Hi, I came via david ( who I tagged) and now tags you. I love your work. Very fresh. It's hard to find fresh these days.
jafabrit said…
ah thanks noonan :0 and for dropping by loiq.