Monday, April 30, 2007

sketchbook doodles

When I did these doodles I had no idea what purpose they could serve other than a nice day sketching in Princeton University Museum with a friend of mine. Now I am looking at them I am thinking there are a number of motifs I could use in my graffiti panels. It seems to work out that way. I often don't like my current sketchbooks and it is only after a while that I go back and browse through my old ones that I see images I like or can use.
Princeton University is one of the most gorgeous campuses to walk around and even though it was an hour drive for one summer my friend and I went almost weekly.


Why do you try to understand art? Do you try to understand the song of a bird?
Pablo Picasso

I think this is a great quote, sometimes it is just nice to enjoy something for what it is.


David Hockney
Henry Moore
Jackson Pollock
this one will surprise you

One book I own and love looking through is :The Journey Is the Destination: The Journals of Dan Eldon. This young man is not famous, but he left behind his amazing journals.
Before he died at the hands of a mob in Somalia at the age of 23 he had traveled to 46 countries.
I hope you enjoy visiting this site.


Marty Brooks Pinkus said...

WONDERFUL quote,I love your journal pages, & Dan Eldon's journals too. I'd seen one (published after his death) at Barnes & Noble but when I went back later it was gone & I couldn't remember his name. And thanks for links to the famous sketchbooks - VERY interesting!

Anonymous said...

TOOO KEWL! Love your work Corrine! I looked at the young man's journals and their very inspiring! I'm thinking of keeping a journal like that myself. Starting to get into alot of other stuff. FUN FUN FUN! You are VERY VERY INSPIRING GIRL! What a hoot!

jafabrit said...

marty, I think it is always interesting to see other artist's sketchbook, especially famous one's. We sometimes get caught up with the idea that somehow we are supposed to produce masterpieces in our sketchbook.

angela, I hope you do. It is a wonderful place to play, imagine, record, and visit now and again.

Contemporary Abstract Art said...

What a great quote. The sketchbooks were very cool. They really provide an interesting perspective.

LynClay said...

Wonderful creative doodles in your sketchbook J.B. and I love the quote by Picasso! :)

the domestic minx said...

Your sketchbook is amazing!
I bet there's a little spuggy on every page!!

Love the quote. Don't try to understand it. Just enjoy it.

We should do that everyday.

jafabrit said...

thanks for dropping by Contemporary Abstract Art (you have a nice online art gallery by the way, nice website and nice work).

hiay lyn and minx, I love the quote because it is a reminder that we don't have to understand or analyze everything. Sometimes a rose is just a rose :)

oh yes, that little spuggy, it gets around hinnie ;)

Michael said...

Very cool.
I likey.

Take Care

andrea said...

Great links and I love peeking at other people's sketchbooks. It's kind of like looking through their underwear drawer! :)

Maria & Stefano said...

That is're very talented!!!


jafabrit said...

thanks maria and stefano, I work on it :)
glad you likey michael, sometimes I don't but learn to like :)

I feel the same way andrea, it is so interesting to see how other artists fill their sketchbooks and how it relates to their finished work.

the domestic minx said...

Thank you for the link to Dan Eldon - his journals, his art and his life.
Inspirational and so tragic.
What an amazing young man!

HMBT said...

I am a big fan of Dan Eldon...but I didn't know that there was a web site for him...probably a duh! on my part, but thanks for the link! I love your actually inspired me a while back to start using my books in this way...and it's really helped keep my art ideas better organized and flowing. Great Post...thanks for sharing your doodles, I love that!

Cynthia said...

Love all the doodles on the right hand side of your journal, and the Picasso quote is perfect.

Why can't we just appreciate something for what it is, and not try to dissect the hell out of it?

Don Eldon's journals are great. Not all would open for me, but I bookmarked the site and will check out again.

Maura McGurk said...

Thanks for the Pollock image--I'd never seen a sketchbook of his.

I've been reading up on sketchbooks alot lately (that's how I found your blog) and posted one of my recent sketchbooks on my site if anyone wants to take a look: