Thursday, March 01, 2007

Painted Wine Bottle

I did paint ON glass once, this is oil on glass with a Harry Lauder branch and is in the gallery "in a frame" in Yellow Springs. My daughter has this fabu tree called a Harry Lauder tree in her front garden. The tree is named after a much beloved scottish entertainer who performed using its crooked branch as a cane. The shrub itself was discovered growing in an English hedgerow in the mid-1800s. In the Garden of Paghat the Ratgirl has some nice info on this very unusual tree. I called it transmutation because it is about art of changing and transforming your mental state.


Janvangogh said...

Never heard of that kind of tree before. A corkscrew hazel. Interesting. Only knew of curly willow. Those branches look alot more fun.

Sunil said...

This is my favorite work of yours thus far that you have displayed on your blog. I really liked the originality displayed in the face painting on the glass bottle and the fact that you ‘transmuted’ the tree branch from/into it. It almost looks as if the person is in the throes of undergoing a transmutation and the thoughts are spilling out of the top. Beautiful!!

jafabrit said...

jan, I had never heard of this tree until a few years ago. I have a branch I painted and put on the wall. the twisty shapes are just wonderful.

thanks sunil, the intention is exactly as you imagined, which is really cool.

Philip said...

A work of genius.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Love the wine bottle ... and the Harry Lauder branch. Did you use oil or acrylic?

Anonymous said...

This is tooo kewl!!!! Is it hard to paint on glass? I heard that there needs to be some kind of special paint to paint on glass? Just wondering...but anyhoo wonderful work!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Wonderful work jafabrit.

And I love that tree - how cool!

The Lone Beader said...

Wow! This is FuNkY!! I love it! And, the tree totally makes it. This is also one of my favourite works. You should put it in your Saatchi Gallery=:)

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

LOVE IT!! I just love everything about trees, especially twisted branches. And the face on the bottle is wonderful as well!

Dr.John said...

It looked like some kind of magic bottle with smoke cpming out. There is no end to your creativity.

Chana said...

that is beautiful. i betcha they would sell nicely. alot of people would like it..just a thought..and if something comes out of this thought, i'm first in line. ;p


jafabrit said...

"i betcha they would sell nicely"
ah chana I wish. The bottle has been sitting in the gallery for a year.
You know I think I WILL put it in the saatchi site Lone Beader :)
Hiay dr.john, how are you today? Is there no end to my creativity, lol! I don't know, but I think at times it is too distracting from concentrating on one medium. I decided not to fight it though.

phew though that is a heavy compliment phillip. Now I am really going to get embarrassed.

I didn't prepare the glass the way I was supposed to I learned later. anyway what I did was sanded it a bit, coated it with black chalk paint, used oil paint, then coated it with gloss varnish. It is lovely to paint on.

Philip said...

Please don't be embarrassed, I mean it! I fear that you, like so many, underestimate their talent.

LynClay said...

JB that is soo darn cool!! About this time of year I get seed catalogues and I've seen the Harry Lauder walking cane trees in there but I didn't know why they were named that. That twisty cane looks great in your painted bottle (love that wild expression on his face!!)

jafabrit said...

thanks phillip, I will try to stop with the embrassment stuff :)

Susie Q said...

This has to be just the most interesting piece of yours I have seen. I can only imagine the
remarks that the children I used to work with would give about this piece! I used to present art pieces in classrooms and always loved to ask the children what they felt a piece represented or how it made them feel.
Can you imagine how they would react to this one? I just love it...Bill and I have promised ourselves that we will get back to YS this month. I want to check out this gallery and many other places.

The reverse paintings in the earlier posts were just glorious.

You are so vastly is so amazingly refreshing. So original.

LOVE that tree and those branches.


Michael said...


Take Care