Monday, February 12, 2007

The HouseMouse Artist

You're reading art by corrine bayraktaroglu originally posted on Jafabrit's Art. 

Thank you for dropping by.
a little doodle in my sketchbook

I get like this every few months. A need to stay home and enjoy solitude, days of uninterrupted creativity. A time to catch up on letters, the family diary, and pottering around the house. Of course most of my time this morning has been spent pottering around the net getting biz cards for the Chamberpot Gallery and Yellow Springs Arts blog and renewing domain names. I highly recommend Vista Print by the way, great prices, specials, user friendly and prompt delivery (no not getting a kickback or advertizing for them-just an old fashioned recommendation for anyone who is interested).
I am not a professional photographer, but I took this photo last year and really love it. My mum, cousins and I spent the day in one of the most beautiful ancient market towns in England, Hexham. The sky was a beautiful blue that day, and the relief on the building was fabulous. Would you believe this is a circular building? One of the nicest looking banks I have ever seen.
of course just as I go on about being a housemouse Talitha the Tongue calls and asks if I want to have ha ha pizza (pepperoni and anchovy) and play scrabble while she works at Village Artisans today. arg! the desire for my FAVE pizza is stronger than my desire to be a housemouse LOL! typical!!!!!!!!!


Janvangogh said...

I bought sunglasses with superimposed eyes a bit ago. I have yet to wear them. Must have been a weak moment.

jafabrit said...

LOL! Jan.

The Lone Beader said...

"I get like this every few months. A need to stay home and enjoy solitude, days of uninterrupted creativity."

I can certainly relate. I get like this every week! Also, cool sketch=:)

Dr.John said...

Vista Print sounds good. I hope you enjoyed the pizza. The picture of the bank was interesting.

jafabrit said...

hiay dr.john, yes the pizza was VERY good, but so was the company. I loved the relief sculpture on the bank. The fact that it is a circular building made it all the more interesting.
Hope all is well at your end.

Thanks Lone beader. that little bit of peace and quiet is nice eh!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful sketch!I love eyes,SEEING ;) as how there are many ways of expressing oneself with just their eyes! Very creative as usual!
The photo is sooo BEAUTIFUL! I would be taking some pictures too! Taking pictures is such a wonderful way to hold a memory near isn't it? Anyhoo...I just wanted to say that YET AGAIN you have AMAZED my with your creative style! :) Keep it up!

Philip said...

I am sure Andy Warhol would have wabted to take you under his wing if he were around now.

ysartist said...

angela, I take lots of photographs for the purpose you mention. It also allows me to let go in a way.

wow, phillip, that is quite a compliment, although could I stomach the sycophants around him that he seemed to encourage ;0


W. J. St. Christopher said...

Like the sketch, JB. I'm intrigued by eyes.

The photo is gorgeous! The blue sky behind that deep terra cotta relief -- yum!

Round things are the best, aren't they? Round buildings are so rare and, somehow, mysterious. I was recently in an attorney's office in a round building. Unfortunately, they hadn't capitalized on the "roundness" at all, and had put up plain walls to obliterate the curves.


Chana said...

you are not a professional photographer yet you take awesome pics. another talent..and that pottery is just beautiful in the other post, wow! your artistic ways are varied and strong. i am too so happy when i come here to see what is new.

i think it is normal and necessarry for all to take time to ourselves and enjoy some quiet and calm. specially when you give so much of yourself through your art.

i hope you have a good night and sweet dreams, ;)

leaving you many hugs and kisses behind..

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Gotta agree... love the pottery, the colors just look so nice together...and the sketch of the sunglasses... the photograph is awesome!

Susie Q said...

Love the sketch...eyes are my favorite thing.

Your photo is amazing. Just another of your talents eh?

I am envious...Scrabble AND Ha Ha pizza? Darn I wanna be there. Maybe in a week or two...sounds good. Bill and I will have to drive to YS for some art, pizza and shopping.

For now, I will try to sleep while I listen to the icepellets pinging the windows.

Love your always.

Sue, the fellow house mouse. Or, in my case, the fat rat. Oy.

LynClay said...

What a gorgeous photo JB! You got the details, color and shadows perfect on this awesome looking building. Wow I would love to see this bank in person it must be one impressive building. I don't blame you for going for the pizza and scrabble LOL, sounds like fun to me!

benjymous said...

It's a wonderful building isn't it

btw, I've restructured my gallery, so the link to my photo won't work any more.

Try this instead:

benjymous said...

bah, blogger edited out the rest of the url..

ysartist said...

thanks for letting me know benjymous, will redo the link.
I couldn't find a means to leave a comment on your site, but I wanted to let you know your photos oare fabulous.

benjymous said...


My main blog is at - you're welcome to leave a comment there :)

benjymous said...

oops - looks like your link is now triggering my hotlink prevention :-\

Can you change the link to point to /photos/northumberland/?show=IMG_7015.JPG and it should play nicely :)