Thursday, February 01, 2007

Found Art and Dark Star Books

For some reason I am having a difficult time getting a good close up on my decoupage stones.
Will try again today.

The owner of Dark Star Books had seen one of my found art decoupaged stones and asked if I would make some to sell in her book store in Yellow Springs. I am quite chuffed about this as Dark Star is a very unique book/comic store to visit, and besides who can resist

I did something a little different with the one's for the store. Usually I just shellac the stones, but for Dark Star I coated them with resin giving them a high gloss finish. All the images on the decoupaged stones are from photographs of my OWN work, which makes them original to me.

ps. Will still be leaving Found Art stone faces around town now and again, along with some of the other favourites. You know, the  and nazar bonjuks.


Janvangogh said...

Mr Eko is so cute!

That is cool about the stones. I take it that chuffed means you are happy about it.

BTW, I have been playing around with Lazertran. They make a waterslide decal and you can "melt" it onto an asborbent surface with turpentine.

jafabrit said...

Hiay Jan, yes happy LOL! Hum Lazertran sounds intriguing, will look forward to seeing the results on your blog.

Susie Q said...

Mr. Eko is a big favorite with us!
Our Dan practically lived at Dark Star on most of our visits home...and again when we first moved back here. GREAT place.
Okay, now I hafta get back over to your neck of the woods...Bill and I were hoping to this past visit bit life got in the way...maybe THIS time?? LOVE your work as always.

I laughed our loud reading your comment on my Gobbler's Knob post!
I too had to think about that from a British angle...too funny!

Stay warm.

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Congradulations! That is sooo kewl and you did a wonderful job on them as well! I love coming to check out your site. Your sooo creative! I JUST LOVE IT!

Janvangogh said...

I sent Mr Eko link to the Foo. He looks like his cat as a kitten.

There are some different lazertran products. One can be printed with an inkjet printer. You print the image, soak in water and it slides off. Looks translucent when wet. Can be applied right away to non absorbent surfaces or dry it and then attach to an absorbent surface that has been coated with real turpentine.

The decal is real thin, but can be handled fairly easily -- until it come in contact with turp. There is only a little open time for moving it in place.

jafabrit said...

jan, you think lazetran would work on stone? hum, will do research tomorrow. thanks for letting me know about it.

Philip said...

Can you explain this to me - i.e.what you mean by found art? Does it mean you collect things - paint or change them in some way - and then leave them around town? Have I got the right idea?

I saw your video on Youtube btw and I am sure you are destined for fame!

jafabrit said...

"Does it mean you collect things - paint or change them in some way - and then leave them around town?" yes, but it isn't found art or objet trouvé in the Duchamp school. It is more making or creating little bits of art for people to find. For purists, what I am doing is not "real" found art :)

"saw your video on Youtube btw and I am sure you are destined for fame!"

eek! I hope not LOL! I just want to be a housemouse at the mo. That is a nice compliment though and I have a big grin like a cheshire cat :)

Janvangogh said...

Hi Jaf. I dont know why it wouldnt. It is available through Dick Blick or just do a google search. Of course there is the old multiple coats of gel medium on the print, dry, soak off the paper. The advantage to both would be some flexibility over rounded surfaces. Lazertran would probably keep more detail.

Been thinking about how to apply the "found art" for myself, especially after this Boston debacle with that cartoon show.

jafabrit said...

thanks jan for the tip off, will be looking into it.
I don't know what to think of the boston story. on the one hand I can understand why they chose that symbol/object to advertize (street artists have used lighting devices to create some wonderful impromptu art happenings) but at the same time arg! in this day and age! I think non electronic looking work is the call of the day eh!

The way I look at some of my found art is that
A) it is fun to think of people enjoying finding bits of my art
B) I have fun doing them
C) it is a fun way to advertize, a different type of calling card eh!

Cynthia said...

Are you familiar with Art-o-mat? It's very cool, you make small pieces of art which are sold in re-purposed cigarette machine. They're placed all over the US, from galleries, museums and other venues like restaurants etc. I was just looking at it myself this am, but these would lend themselves perfectly to the art-o-mat concept.

I love these, and I like the resin finish too.

Dr.John said...

Is there no end to your creativity?

LynClay said...

I bet your stones will be an fantastic addition to their store JB, woohooo that's awesome!! I was wondering what chuffed meant also LOL! :) Love the way ya talk!

sue beyer said...

i love your found art ideas!! I might give it a try at uni this semester :-)

jafabrit said...

"Is there no end to your creativity?" Believe it or not dr.John I don't feel I am creative enough.

"I bet your stones will be an fantastic addition to their store JB"
thanks Lyn, I hope so.

Sue, I find doing found art very rewarding.

Philip said...

Do you ever get any feedback from people who find your work? What kind of places do you leave it?

jafabrit said...

I leave bits of art everywhere I go phillip, in the street, on cafe tables, in bathrooms stalls, walls, chairs, hanging in trees. I usually carry one or two small pieces in my bag, or have a couple larger ones in the car. I have my web address on them so people sometimes leave a message on my website or email me. This doesn't happen often, but it is nice when it does.

Michael said...

What a cool thing to do.

Take Care

Philip said...

Perhaps you could make a video of this!! Sounds great fun.