Wednesday, November 29, 2006

gannin to the Baltic

Newcastle Quayside

This is when I was back home in September and mum and I went to the Quayside. I'm on the top floor of the Baltic Center for Contemporary Art. I remember it when it was a flour mill (that's going back a few years). Was wonderful to see it transformed into an art center. Would have loved seeing this exhibit, "spank the monkey" coming up sept-jan 2007.
They say: "This exhibition will be the first serious international examination of urban and suburban art bridging the gap between the street and the traditional art space.". Looks very cool.

Miss you mum :(


janvangogh said...

Nice to see the video clip of the area. Makes me wish it was summer. But then it has been unseasonably warm here, so I guess I shouldnt complain.

Chana said...

oh sweet you are so cute!
and thank you for sharing Quayside with us. i, obviously had never seen it before and it is beautiful. i love the sound of sea gulls, they are naughty i know but are so much fun to watch,lol..

thanks for the clip. i went to England this morning. now, that is awesome, ;)

sorry you miss your mum. i understand. i miss my family/grandma sooo much too..kiss and hug to you hon.

Mary said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I have enjoyed your's immensely, your videos have made my day and I love your work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your photos and video. When I was flying, I loved laying over in London. I would get to my hotel room at 6:30 am or so and take a power nap, then force myself to wake up and get outside. I would walk for hours and hours, rarely taking the tube or a bus unless I got really lost.

Snoo said...

Oh my Tyne. I love it. I miss it. Thankyou for sharing that.

It was always a flour mill for me too!

Shez said...

AhHa...boy I'm slow, so you're a the Quayside Views, good paintings there.
First Thanks for commenting on my blog, appreciate your support.
Hard to keep track to what your up to, busy girl, but have enjoyed viewing your blog, and nice to see you using your great drawing skills more. That mask looked like a real one sitting there!! I've been trying to do something every day in my sketch book. I think it's really helping my skills improve.
What part of England is Quayside in?? Sounds like you had a good trip, though you miss your mom, Is she up on the computer and emails??At least that closes the gap some.

Dr.John said...

I loved the clip. Wish I could go there.

jafabrit said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Shez I am from Newcastle upon Tyne, northeast England.

My mum doesn't get on the computer much but she gets to see my blog now and again :) It is a nice little video of the quayside snoo. When I feel homesick I watch it or search for scenes of newcastle/gateshead on youtube.
ah thanks for the kiss and hug chana :)

LynClay said...

Thanks for sharing the photo and video J.B. I can tell you are getting homesick and I hope it won't be too long before you can go back and visit with your Mum and family again. I know it is sometimes hard to not live near your family, I miss mine too. The art center and quay looks like an awesome place to spend a day! Thanks for sharing!

Michael said...

Pretty cool.

love the photo.

Take Care

TC said...

I've had many a meal in restaurants on that quayside!