dolls and stones

I get a real laugh everytime I go to the Emporium because the staff there started adding things to the ugly doll, first a leather jacket and now a hat.

This is called "chat room" and will be in the Emporium Show,"ugly pretty things" in Yellow Springs. The formation of the stone lent itself well to the image that ended up looking like Peter Lorre (not intentional) , in the movie "m" by fritz lang. The theme of the movie fit with the theme of this piece, so perhpas subconsciously I was thinking of Peter Lorre when I painted it.

Can't really get into my new series of paintings until I get my show up and finish up a few bits and bobs left over from the Is It Art? show. Ah, it will be nice to have no more bits and bobs and I can just concentrate on my new series of paintings.


I am loving "chat room". Such character!

(by the way I rss subscribe to your blog, so even if I don't comment I always read it)

jafabrit said…
thanks victoria, I appreciate you dropping in and letting me know :)
Anonymous said…
Ooh I love that piece, it's a little spooky, not sure why, kind of un-nerving but maybe thats because for a face on a stone it looks very very real.
LynClay said…
I love the expression on the doll's face. It's like he's thinking "OMG what else are they going to do to me!" LOL, too neat!
Janvangogh said…
Are some parts of Chat Room behind glass and others on top? I can see how it resembles Peter Lorre.

What did you use for a frame? Almost looks like the bottom of a wooden folding chair.
jafabrit said…
Hiay Jan, the stone is inside an old camera case and then I put a piece of lucite over the camera window. I then built a wood box to encase the camera in it. Only one layer of lucite (which is deliberately dirty and scratched).
Dr.John said…
Lucky doll gets all that good stuff. Scarey picture but then chat rooms are scarey places. You can never tell what serial killer your chatting with.
Anonymous said…
"Ugly Doll"...what a hoot. What will she look like next?

I really like Chat Room. I think it's so interesting the way you bring in everyday items into your work, especially the wood frame and the lucite. These bits and bobs add a little something unexpected.