Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Art out of Necessity

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These were my very first stone portraits, which I put in a show in the Maryland Federation of Art in Annapolis. I was very encouraged because they both sold straight away.
Why art out of necessity? Well we had moved to New Jersey (this was about 8 or 9 years ago) and I couldn't get my studio up and running . One day as my dh and I we were walking the dogs I was lamenting the fact I couldn't paint and my dh picks up a stone and said you could paint on this. I was like, "suuuuuuure". Well bless his heart because he really did come up with something. The closer I looked at the stone and the shape the more I was intrigued. I liked the idea of tricking people into wondering whether it was the shape of the stone that defined the features or the way I did the shadows/values.
This is my ABSOLUTE favourite stone that now belongs to a dear friend of mine.

So I have to say my dear husband gets the credit (and he says any percentage of sales lol) for coming up with the idea of me painting faces on stones.


Anonymous said...

Oh they are great!! I love them! Thanks for the side shot of your favourite one.. I love how the shape of the stone works out to be his nose, it is perfect!


Michael said...

They are so coooool.
I love your stuff.

Take Care

Chana said...

your talents are unending...great job..loved them..and i do like your favs the most...good job to the hubby...tell him now he has to come up with one brilliant new way a yr, lol..

:P fuzzbox said...

Art is truly lying there ready to be had. Great job with the stones.

LynClay said...

Wow these are really incredible J.B.! The one on the table is just so alive and your friend is lucky to have this one!

Betty said...

Nothing holds back a creative mind.the stone paintings are so good.

Dr.John said...

You didn't by any chance do the stone guy in Pigeon Falls did you. Just asking.

jafabrit said...

ROFLOL! No dr.john, I swear ;)
thanks for stopping by everyone and commenting. glad you like the stones as much as I liked doing them.

Nea said...

I love art that other people would never think of. When my Mom was working in a saw mill when I was a kid, they cut the ends off of boards. those ends were cut off because the had knot holes. There was a man at the work place that was quite the artist, he would take those ends and draw a picture incorporating that knot hole. He never kept them, he gave them to my Mom, and she brought them home and lined the inside of our garage. She had a wall full of them. When we moved, she left them. It made me really sad.

Nea said...

Anyway, I love each and every one of these, they are all so different, and full of expression. today we went to the river and I couldn't help but pick up some rocks in great shapes to bring home. Now I just need to know how to paint. haha

fennymun said...

realy goooooooood!

Cynthia said...

These are great! I especially like/appreciate the side view of your favorite. It's mine too!

When I was a kid, my mom used to paint on rocks too. I still have one, except she did animals. I put them in my shadow box.