Genesis of a Painting

I long time ago I did a small study on canvas of a part of a Lucien Freud painting of Francis Bacon. I found it a few weeks ago and didn't want to put it back in the cuboard hidden away, so I decided to use it. I stitched it onto a canvas (28"x28")and left it for a couple of weeks to let the muse tell me what it needed next. I then painted a face around it. After the painting was finshed the idea of big brother popped into my head and so I decided to use it for a found art postcard. I played around with the image on microsoft picture it and added some text. The painting on the left now has a large black border around it. The image on the right is the manip for the found art.
Hey, I do happy cards too, this is my happy heart. It is a photo of a reverse painting I did with acrylics on plastic. I just adore the colours and patterns.
The creative process is just that at times, not a grand plan, just a love of the materials, a love of creating and letting each stage dictate the next. Sometimes the end results tell us what it means, and what it means to each of us is a different story altogether. That is the beauty of art.


Chana said…
they are both so beautiful. you are so talented.
Janvangogh said…
I should recycle some canvas pieces --- something other than just painting over them. You always make me think.
MargaretR said…
Hi! you are an inspiration.
I love what you have done with the eye and I must try out your idea of painting onto plastic and transfer to something else.
TC said…
I like the first one.

Sort of like an inner eye gazing out into the real world.

You could call it 'Eye to the World'

Or not. :D
Cynthia said…
"I do happy...too" That made me laugh out loud! Are you trying to show us your softer side? I love both of them and agree with janvangogh "you always make me think". Today I posted that I have a hard time making something ominous...color does that...I'm going to try and tone it down.
Dr.John said…
Thanks for sharing not just the art but some of what went into it.
LynClay said…
Both of these are wonderful and creative pieces! I love the colors in your 'happy heart' just lovely!
Betty said…
I loved the Happy Heart.
I like the explanation of how you evolve into the final project.
fennymun said…
A lovely piece of "Happy Heart", the colours really denote a happy process in creating this art piece.
You are so cool, JB!

I love both of these -- they're so different, but both so wonderful! And what you said about the creative process is right on the money!
jafabrit said…
oh thanks everyone, thanks for stopping by. Glad you got a laugh with the "I do happy too" comment cynthia lOL! yes I do have a softer side. I have a very dark side, but also a very playful fun side, but you probably figured that out by now ;)

Have a great weekend everyone.

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